College of Shadows by Mark Wells

College of Shadows

College of Shadows is the page-turning first novel in the bestselling fantasy series, Cambridge Gothic. If you like ancient buildings, fast-paced adventure, and a gripping plot, then you’ll love Mark Wells’s atmospheric mystery.

Cambridge attracts the brightest minds, the darkest forces, and the deadliest monsters.

New arrivals, Nick and Annabel, feel like imposters among the gleaming spires of Cambridge University. Unsure of each other and desperate to fit in, they throw themselves into student life. But when their professor is attacked by a mysterious creature straight out of their worst nightmares, their assignments become less pass-fail than do-or-die.

As the bodies pile up, the Freshers enlist the help of Giles, a dare-devil scholar who climbs the college’s ivory towers for fun. And as the shadows close in, these unlikely allies set out to banish the beast before their first foray into this mystical world becomes their last…

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