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  • Dave Sherman

    Dear Ms. Taylor, you are dangerous. I have been reading your series The Chronicles of St Mary’s. I am up to “What Could Possibly Go Wrong”.
    Recently I seem to have developed a back condition. Doctor says it may be stenosis, possibly arthritis. Back has been killing me. I am comfortable when I put my feet up and read. What, you ask, has this to do with you being dangerous? I find that it kills my back to laugh.
    I began reading the story of Mary the Mammoth. I have been laughing since late last night. By the time this story is resolved you may have put me in traction.
    These stories are as addictive as Downton Abbey. I don’t know what I’ll do when I have finished them. Probably begin reading them all again. Please keep it going.

  • Barbara Sullivan

    I have read all of the Saint Mary’s Books, and The Time Police books. They are addictive. The characters in Ms. Taylor’s books are so well drawn, that we feel we know them. Their problems range from being being too close to famous battles like Agincourt to having trouble with admin assistants. After I read Just One Damned Thing After Another, I bought the audiobook because (like everyone) I can’t read and drive. Zara Ramm is a wonderful reader. She gets the humor and the indignation and all the things the characters speak and feel perfectly. There is joy, sorry and always a bit of humor. I still smile when I see Sir Terry Pratchett’s humor and influence. I think the Great Man would like these books.

  • Rita Lynch

    I just finished reading No Time Like the Past and have already ordered the next book in the series. Ms. Taylor’s writing style is so unique and yet so very compulsive – you just keep turning pages. Her descriptions of the historical events in the book are compelling. Her words bring the event to life while also keeping the story line in tact. Her characters are diverse and so believable. Max is a bit of a mess but we love her anyway and the other characters in the books are devoted to her and her craziness. It’s hard to write a review and not give away any details of the plots but OH MY, the adventures never stop. This is a charming and entertaining series. I am so glad I discovered it. Thanks Jodi for hours of entertainment. Looking for more.

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