What’s it like to be an author in lockdown?

Initially, I didn’t think it would be too bad. There wasn’t a huge difference between lockdown and my normal lifestyle – long hours in one room, poor nutrition, no social contact of any kind – I could do that.

However – there’s a lot of difference between staying in voluntarily and being told to stay in.  A month or so in and I was beginning to gnaw at my desk. And I’ve had my eyes tested already this year so I couldn’t even fall back on the ‘Well, I think there’s something wrong with my eyes so I’ll just go on a thirty-mile drive,’ excuse which seems to be so fashionable these days.

Anyway, I’ve beavered away for the last four months – mostly in an effort to save my sanity but I am slightly worried it’s had the opposite effect. I have just about finished Another Time Another Place. I’m on the finals stretch of Long Shadows (book three in the Elizabeth Cage series - due out October 2021). I’ve literally just finished the edits to Joy to the World. The Ordeal of the Haunted Room is edited and the edits for Hard Time turn up on the 6th July. I admit it’s been hard. Harder that I thought it would be. In fact, I had a complete meltdown a couple of weeks ago and had to be talked to quite sternly.

Then, of course, just as I’m wandering around the flat, enveloped in a miasma of Imposter Syndrome – and yes, that is a thing before anyone asks. It’s when you’re convinced you’re rubbish and it’s only a matter of time before the world finds out and you’re subjected to national and international humiliation and all your readers ask for their money back. Believe me, I can really do that one – especially at three o’clock in the morning – then I open my laptop to discover Another Time Another Place has whizzed straight to Number One in Time Travel on Amazon – thank you very much, everyone – and suddenly the world seems a much brighter place. And I can legitimately take the afternoon off. And I have a couple of good books to read. And most importantly, there’s a giant bar of Swiss chocolate hidden under the cushion just over there. I don’t even have to get up …

PS: you can also pre-order a signed copy of Another Time, Another place by clicking HERE.


  • Bob Prager

    I suspect many of us Yanks are going to miss the eyes/30-mile drive reference…

  • Cathie

    There’s a NAME for that? I do wish I’d known about it sooner.

  • Tamlyn Ryan

    I am a very old friend of Imposter Syndrome and know how real it is. However, I clicked on your link to Another Time, Another Place and had a look at your profile on Amazon and scrolled through all of your books … you are a very successful author, amazing writer who has brought joy to so many people …. in DIFFERENT LANGUAGES TOO! So … yeah…. have a large gin and a large bar of swiss chocolate and pat yourself on the back a bit! <3

  • Anne Lappin

    Message a few weeks back from newly married daughter (last September) who lives in Scotland: “Grrr, just been given another 7 weeks lockdown… ONE.OF.US.IS.NOT.GOING.TO.SURVIVE.THIS” and I now hear she’s planning a new patio/decking for the back garden…. We’re fine, honestly, fine.. pass the wine..

  • Emma Clemson

    I hear you! I personally am choosing to be believe that you released the ore-order today as a lockdown birthday present for me! Which will go quite nicely with my Kindle collection and my birthday present off my brother, the complete set of paper backs!!!! I am a happy bunny! Went to a reclamation yard today and my husband refused to buy me the shell of a grandfather clock to create a bookcase for my Jodi Taylor collection! Love and happiness to you! Plus I will never, ever ask for my money back! Markham is my spirit animal!

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