FREE short story - St Mary's and the Great Toilet Roll Crisis

As promised here is the link to the free short story that was inspired by the recent toilet roll crisis.CLICK HERE  to download the eBook.

I have also recorded an audio version - please don't worry about the cough, I've had it for at least seven years and it hasn't killed me yet! To listen to the story please CLICK HERE. It is hosted on Soundcloud which is a free app. Please understand that the recording was done at home, without editing, but I hope you enjoy it!




  • Keri

    Very amusing! The image of Dr. Bairstow in green tights, even though it never occurred… 👍👍 And then there was the visual of Turk all decked out in factor fifty, a hat, and sunglasses. Well, those two visions were sufficient to keep my lost in a daydream for the better part of an hour. Thank you💕

    Which brings me to my next thought… and question
    Have you any plans as to Major Guthrie’s final jump? I was thinking, while lost in daydreams rather than writing this year’s group of 3rd-grade history lesson plans, that a jump back to somewhere around 1260 to 1271 to meet the Great Kublai Khan might be fun. Maybe a lost Marco Polo…

    AND…🤯I finally figured out where I recognized the name, Mavis Enderby. Lol, clever 🥰. Now that was definitely a brilliant idea!

  • Maureen Burchell

    No, not films (unless someone with a lot of money insists). My family have decided that they should be a tv series. Must be very careful when deciding on the actors though!

  • Pamela

    Love St. Mary’s……always look forward to the next one.

  • Lisa Harshberger

    Thank you. Just finished Plan for the worst. I love all your books and these have made me smile.

  • Steve Camplin

    Hi Jodie… Brilliant short (short…) story, looking forward to the new one! You really, REALLY need to get a movie deal arranged – have a stern word with your agent! Happy Easter, and keep safe!

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