Join Jodi Taylor at these events for a unique opportunity to meet the author and obtain personally signed copies of her books.

The Bloody Bollocking Festive Folly

Gather round gentle readers and eager fans...

​For this is a tale of MURDER, mayhem, shenanigans and dastardly goings on!

Tis a few weeks before the Christmas Festivities, and in an old historic hunting lodge, a roaring fire welcomes you, along with a sparkling libation... the Ballroom is set up for your presence, where you and your fellow guests will be liberally supplied with afternoon tea, scones and jam, cakes, sandwiches and copious amounts of tea and coffee.

A much loved Author has agreed to attend to showcase the newest in her collection of short stories "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and you, lucky guests, will have the first glimpse of these hallowed tales.

There will be a small Christmas Market set up within the vicinity and you may browse and shop for gifts for friends, family and yourselves!

Whilst imbibing, and enjoying the ambience of this wonderful, historical building (it used to be managed by a Thomas Markham in the days of the Virgin Queen), you will be shocked to find, that a murder has been committed, and it is up to you and your fellow guests to investigate and find out... Who Dunnit?

Tickets are £40 each.  This includes your welcome drink (something fizzy, sadly not a Margarita), a selection of Sandwiches, Cakes, Pastries, Scones with Jam and Cream (or Cream and Jam - no arguing please).  It also includes a Murder Mystery Event, access to Jodi Taylor, first chance to have the new collection of short stories, and get them signed, and a small Christmas Market with Merch and other goodies (Traders please contact me). 

​We can cater for dietary issues - but need to know in advance what they are. Tickets are limited to 100 persons!

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