Archivists and Anarchists

Well I’m all over the shop again. Someone’s messed with the clocks and I spent all yesterday in a completely different time zone to everyone else. I usually rely on the TV to put me right but my Sky box is sulking and I can only watch a programme if I’ve recorded it first. I’ve no idea what that’s all about but it does prove the theory that TV is death to all creation and productivity because I had a great day yesterday, staring out of the windows and having all sorts of thoughts. There was a slight hiccup when I couldn’t remember the word for anarchist. For some reason, my brain couldn’t get past ‘archivist’ – much to the dismay of both anarchists and archivists alike, I suspect.

In happier news, I’m wearing my new socks. These were knitted for me by Hazel at Accent Press in an attempt to combat the problems caused by those two blocks of ice otherwise known as my feet. In a further effort to smooth my stony path, she’s knitted one in blue and purple and the other in orange and red. How thoughtful. Distinguishing right from left need no longer be a problem.

Today’s task is to work on the talk I’m giving for the Daisy Chain Project at Yarm on 7th December. The Daisy Chain Project supports autistic children and their families and I’m thrilled to have been asked to speak. The tentative programme is that I chat on for a bit – the way I do – then there’ll be a reading from the new St Mary’s Book – An Argumentation of Historians – followed by a Q A session. Plus, I’ll sign anything put in front of me. Here’s the link to their website describing what they do:
And the link to the event

And for anyone unable to get to Yarm on 7th December, I’m at Northallerton Library on 8th December at 2.00pm, just chatting about my books in general and giving another reading. I do hope to see some of you at one of these events where you will be expected to admire my socks.

7 thoughts on “Archivists and Anarchists

  1. Very much looking forward to meeting you and have a good laugh and no doubt a fantastic cup of tea. Must go out and buy a book for you to sign. Maybe she could knit you some finger- less gloves to match.

    • That’s a good thought – Arm warmers. Like leg warmers but for arms. A bit 80’s perhaps, and I’m not doing the leotard thing, but a brilliant idea, nevertheless!

  2. I’m coming – a lovely event to support a great project! Can’t wait 🙂
    Will there be books available to buy? I have everything of yours on kindle but I might be tempted by a ‘real life’book if I can get it signed!Looking forward to meeting you Jodi.

  3. Wonderful for you to do this Jodi – my grandchildren have autism and even today many do not understand the difficulty these children have – kudos all round! (and must admit I am a bit jealous they get to hear from your new book before I do :))

  4. Not entirely sure yet, but I believe you have put out a challenge to the Knitters of St. Mary’s. You may soon be covered in bits of wool. (No, not me. I am a knitter of socks and things, but have a difficult enough time keeping my own feet covered. 😉 )

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