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Actually, I have to say I felt rather like Max presenting a report to Dr Bairstow when I typed that. In my last job, the phrase ‘situation update’ was the polite way of saying, ‘You’ll never guess what’s all gone tits up now.’ Which I think would make quite a good title, but the cover would have to be enormous so as you were on that one.

I’ve been taking a few days off – yes, I know, but even I have to go outside occasionally, so I headed for Wessex, which is somewhere I’d only ever associated with Thomas Hardy and long dreary afternoons at school while our English teacher made us read someone else’s idea of a good book.

But Wessex is Old Sarum, Stonehenge, Avebury and Winchester, and it’s fabulous. No matter in which direction you look – History has happened all over the landscape. There’s barrows and tumuli (is that right?) and cursuses (is that right? Spell check is nearly as useless as I am.) and castles and cathedrals. I was quite blown away. I also remember thinking I really should have done this before writing about Stonehenge, King Alfred, hill forts, etc, but where’ s the fun if you do things the conventional way?

Anyway, it’s been a great holiday and I’ve enjoyed the days away from my laptop. And I’ve had several ideas along the way, which is good, and also proves I didn’t spend every waking moment scarfing ice creams, chocolate, cheese scones and fudge – not simultaneously, obviously – well not most of the time.

In other news, I’m thrilled to see that Lucy Price-Lewis – who made such a cracking job of The Nothing Girl – is also reading The Something Girl as well. Sadly for her, not only must she brush up her hungry donkey impersonations, but must extend her repertoire even further and develop her aggressive Patagonian Attack Chickens noises as well. I wish her the very best of luck with that one! The Something Girl is out on Audible on 24th August.

Also released on 24th is the Kindle edition of A Perfect Storm. Some of you may already have caught it in The Long and Short of It. This one is read, as always, by Zara Ramm.

No news yet on who is reading White Silence, but I’ll post something as soon as I know. Many thanks to all those who’ve gone ahead and pre-ordered without knowing who the narrator will be. I believe both the Audible and Kindle versions come out next month.

I’m writing to Hazel sometime today because we’ve had a good idea for another competition we hope will be a lot of fun for everyone. Except for me, of course, the hapless judge, because I always like everyone’s entries and would give a prize for all of them if I could, which, I’m always being told, is not the point of the competition.

And before anyone asks, I’m cracking on with the next St Mary’s book which is due for publication next April, I think. There have been many vigorous discussions over the title, all of which I lost, and so the next book will be entitled  An Argumentation of Historians. ………. A row of dots signifies sulky author silence.

christmas pastFor those of you who can’t wait – and you know who you are – there’s the Christmas story, Christmas Past, which will come out as usual on Christmas Day, thus throwing a spanner into the works of any number of carefully planned Christmas lunches. (Too early to pre-order yet)

And on top of all that, there are two short stories and the sequel to White Silence planned for next year as well, so as you can see, I don’t just sit and stare out of the window all day. Well, actually I do, but you can get away with it if you’re a writer, because everyone thinks you’re being creative and not, in any way, thinking about Matt Damon.

I think that’s it – there’s Afternoon Tea at Octavo’s on 14th October, of course, and I believe you’re all getting yourselves together for a knees-up in Birmingham sometime. Good luck with that. I shall expect photos. Many, many photos …

41 thoughts on “Situation Update

    • Not really. Sorry. I do feel the story of Jenny and Russell has come to a natural end. Love the title ‘Anymore Girl’ though. Jodi.

  1. I utterly adore The Chronicles of St. Mary’s, The Nothing Girl, and have the Something Girl on top of my audible list for next month. You are such a brilliant writer!! Thank you for all your hard work!

  2. Dear Jodi, I really like reading your newsletters and adore your books, especially the chronicles. I can’t believe I am one of only a few German readers who love the St Mary’s chronicle as much as I do. Your mixture between fiction and history is unique! But still: Do you think about having your brilliant books translated into German? I wish I could give it a go….

  3. Love your books – keep me thoroughly entertained and, believe it or not, sometimes sane! Looking forward to the next St.Marys next year – what were your preferences for its title?
    In the meantime I’m very much looking forward to listening to The Something Girl when it is released this week. You have some amazingly talented people reading your books – sets the bar very high for all other books. The only match I’ve found so far is Stephen Fry for Harry Potter!!

    • Hi. Yes, both Zara Ramm (Chronicles of St Mary’s) and Lucy Price-Lewis (Frogmorton Farm series) are brilliant. And Anna Bentinck made a super job of A Bachelor Establishment as well. Audible have some really talented narrators. I can’t wait to see who they get for White Silence. Happy to hear my books keep you sane. They drive me crazy sometimes! Jodi.

  4. Will you be releasing White Silence and A Perfect Storm via the Kobo platform at all? I have all of your books from Kobo (bought all the St Mary’s books in one go and spent a glorious few days binging on them!) but I know that authors can struggle with the cost/sales ratio on platforms other than Amazon. And I’m desperate to read the next St. Mary’s……..

    • I’m not really sure – that’s more a question for my publishers, who wisely don’t involve me in the technicalities, but I suspect the answer is yes. More St Mary’s coming up so don’t be too desperate.

  5. Dear Jodi,

    I’ve just started the third book and am thoroughly enjoying them. Have you visited Lincoln at all? Lots of history there going back to the Romans and of course the Norman cathedral and castle. Catherine of Aragon and John O’Gaunt, a copy of the Magna Carta, Viking winter camp at Torksey, the Dambusters, Newton’s home at Woolsthorpe Manor near Grantham…
    Apologies if this is a redundant question, I haven’t looked ahead at the rest of the series yet.


    • There’s history everywhere, isn’t there? I saw Magna Cart at Salisbury Cathedral, learned all about St Swithun at Winchester Cathedral, paced out the stones at Avebury, stared in awe not just at Stonehenge but all the barrows and tumuli and other monuments all around. In other words, a great holiday. And now Lincoln is on my list of places to visit.

  6. Can hardly wait 2 more days for A Perfect Storm and then the Christmas story 🙂
    I am also looking forward to meeting other fans in Birmingham in October and hope we can fix up another date when you can be there, as I want to crawl on my hands and feet and kiss your toes. I don’t think you have the faintest idea of how much we all (and I mean myself in particular) love your books. Thank you for writing them.
    Tina J.

    • Hi Tina, yes, I’m disappointed at not being able to go, but on the other hand, we’re doing afternoon tea at Octavo’s that day and I’m very much looking forward to it. There will be another day, I’m sure. And I’m in Yarm in early December, giving a talk to the Daisy Chain Charity, so as you can see, Accent do let me out occasionally. On the proviso I behave myself, of course.

  7. Any chance of your going to Cardiff comicon again next year please jodi? I loved meeting you in march. A perfect storm preordered on my kindle, so that’s Thursday sorted, another one out at Christmas then! Christmas day itself? If so kindle to bed on Christmas eve and my husband woken up by my laughing! Love your books x x

  8. You deserve time to relax. We all want as many books from you as possible, as soon as possible, etc., but if you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be fit to write.

  9. Something went wrong with the technology and my technical support is in bed with gastric flu. I meant to post Bread and curcuses sounds like a good title for a short story. I love all your books which I have read umpteen times . My son asks if I am studying them as a specialist subject for Mastermind. Thank you for the fun Jodi.

  10. Glad you managed to take a break and, hopefully, recharge your batteries. I’m looking forward to the Christmas short story – I hadn’t realised it was a tradition.

    More decades ago than I care to think about I found myself, with wife and two small daughters, driving past Stonehenge on the way to visit friends in that neck of the woods so of course we stopped and had a poke around. In those days there were no restrictions, no visitors’ centre – just stones standing in a field. I think we saw it at its best.

  11. Read “a perfect storm” loved it reviewed it (5star obviously). But I wanted it longer! Can.not wait till next year

  12. Love the Chronicles of St. Mary’s series and look forward to the Christmas book! Any plans for a book tour in the U.S.?

  13. I’ve only found your Chronicles of St. Mary’s a few months ago and have devoured all but the 8th book (so bittersweet to come to the end of a glorious binge). Please, please, please never stop creating these. Thank you so very much for these gifts, and they are gifts, that I hope to enjoy over and over.

    Sincerest hopes for your continued success,

    • There’s a Christmas Story out on 25th December as usual, and the next in the series will be released in April of next year. If you can’t wait, there’s always the Frogmorton Farm series, and a new supernatural thriller out later this month, so plenty to keep you busy. And me, too!

  14. I do hope the new contest involves short fanfic again, as I have been walloped with a plotbunny (it turns out the Brits have been making unwarranted assumptions about how uniformly bad the American situation actually is 🙂

    • The fanfic competition was a huge success and I’m sure we’ll run another one soon so hang on to your inspiration – it may be needed soon.

  15. As a history major my obsession with st Mary’s is out of hand. I’ve read/listened to the series twice! Is there a release date for A Perfect Storm on audible yet? I love Zara Ramm her presentation is perefect for Max! Can’t wait for the next two you are a genius!

    • Hi. Audible have released A Perfect Storm as part of The Long and Short of It. As far as I know they have no plans to release it as a single short. Thanks for the kind remarks about me being a genius. I don’t hear that anything like often enough!

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