17 thoughts on “Signed Copies Now Available for Pre-order!

  1. Me and my girlfriend have only just discovered your books and we’re hooked. I’ve bought 2 of your signed books 3 and 4 on the website for my girlfriend, but my account shows that the status of my order #722 dated 18/4/17 is cancelled? Can you confirm its status please.

  2. I’ve listened to all of your book on Audible and stumbled across a newish show on Netflix called Timeless, where the lead character named Lucy is a historian travelling through time in a pod. What are your views on this show?

  3. I’ve just ordered two signed books, paying by PayPal. Paypal says that my payment has been made, but when i was returned to this site, i got a ‘forbidden error’ page, and the books are still showing in my cart. Please could this be checked? Thank you.

    • Hi Heather, I’ve just heard from Accent Press and they say your order for your two books has successfully gone through. Hope this puts your mind at rest.

  4. Just received my signed copy of the hardback St Mary’s first volume… now i’ll Be able to read your words on real paper, in a real book with creamy paper and a beautiful cover reminiscent of the Hetzel edition of Jules Verne’s « Voyages Extraordinaires »…

    This French bookworm/fan thanks you once more, Jody, for making readers happy – and hooked. Lots of love from Paris, XXIst century.

  5. Glorious day! Our lovely postman in Montecito, California, USA, delivered all 8 signed books today. They are beautiful and so treasured.

  6. Just finished An Argumentation of Historians that my daughter bought me for my birthday……loved it as always…..when will the next be out ? ( no pressure!!)

  7. Trying not to gush..LOVE the St. Mary’s series. In the US and just finished Steam Punk Jump. Was Mrs. DeWinter the substitute teacher at Lingoss’ school?

  8. Really enjoyed the St Mary’s series. Wasn’t quite sure book with an invisible horse would grab me but it did! By the way I love the fact that you are only 18 (according to Wikipedia – which of course is completely accurate!)

    • Hi. Ignore Mike in the IP address. No idea who he is. I’d love to visit the US. See previous comments about my diner fantasy, but I have to wait to be asked. Jodi.

  9. I love the Maxwell books and am waiting for the next one with my tongue hanging out! .I ordered White Noise but wasn’t sure what to expect.Absolutely loved it.So different from the St Mary’s Chronicles tho’ obviously the humour and asides are similar.I used to avidly read M.R.James etc. and really really enjoy this supernatural / fantasy mixture.I am now thoroughly enjoying Dark Light
    Just for your info.I am a retired librarian and a Bristolian in exile!!
    Please keep up the great writing

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