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Well, the big news is that The Great St Mary’s Day Out is available for pre-order on and  And before anyone asks, I’m checking Audible twice a day and will post as soon as it becomes available there as well.

I include a sneak-peek of the opening below, just to whet your appetites and raise levels of frustration across the board.


I walked Matthew around St Mary’s because a few things needed to be made clear.

‘All right, people. This is a baby. A small human. His name is Matthew and he is not to be floated across the lake in a Moses basket just to see if it could have happened. Nor is he to be stuffed into a warming pan and smuggled into someone’s bed. He is not to be dangled off a balcony and presented to the Welsh people as a non-English speaking Prince of Wales. Permission to include him in any of the imaginative events currently being planned by the History Department is to be sought from his father, Chief Farrell, and good luck to anyone trying that. He is not to be used as a paperweight. Or ballast. Or a draught excluder. Everyone clear?’

You have to tell people these things. Especially at St Mary’s.

Also, for anyone in the Cardiff area, I’m at the Octavo Café Bookshop in the Cardiff Bay area on 16th July, giving a quick talk on how I managed to get published – a miracle in itself, given the amount of wine consumed and my general technical ineptitude – having a chat about my books to anyone kind enough to show an interest, and signing said books. Actually, I’m well known for signing anything shoved in front of me – contracts to star in the film of the story of my life, execution warrants, blank cheques and so on and so forth.

I am reliably informed that this is the link for the event, so I have no hesitation in posting it here, secure in the knowledge that finer minds than mine at Accent will check it over on my behalf.

In other news, I’ve finished the Christmas story and sent it off to Accent Press. Entitled My Name is Markham, this one’s a little bit special because all the royalties will go to the Help for Heroes Charity and so I do urge everyone to buy it. Actually, I always do that anyway, but this year, please consider yourself doubly urged. It should be out on Christmas Day, and I’m expecting to be held responsible for any number of disrupted Christmas lunches. We did the same last year and one lovely reader reported she selflessly did her duty in the morning, then flung a tin of Quality Street and the TV remote at her family, and made herself scarce with her Kindle. As well as being special, it’s also a little bit different. The story this year is told by Mr Markham. Watch this space…

The Great St Mary’s Day Out is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

21 thoughts on “Short Story News & Sneak Peek!

  1. As much as I want the summer story I can’t wait for the Xmas one – as most of womankind drool at the thought of the Chief I am with Hunter and harbour a passion for Mr Markham!!!

  2. Jodi, I am delighted, and can’t wait for the Audible release (I’ll get the Kindle as well, no worries).

    I will be in Scotland in August – any chance you’re up there at all then? I shall be relentlessly pursing print copies which have 1st priority for baggage space coming home, as the American editions simply won’t do for me.

    I’m in the middle of a re-read of the entire series (have no idea how many this makes) and can’t tell you how much I love them, and all your writing. Keep up the wonderful work! – Kristina Garswood

  3. My only problem is ‘August’. Such a long time to wait and then not another till December! Poor Jodi, sorry for moaning but I’m a St Mary’s addict. There I’ve admitted it!

  4. I ordered “Day Out” as soon as the link went live 🙂
    I shall be ordering “My Name is Markham” likewise – thank you so much for helping H4H!!

    • I also just tried to pre-order the Kindle version from Amazon-US and couldn’t get it. Will it be available there soon? If I pre-order the book through Amazon-UK, will the order be transferred and filled by Amazon-US?

  5. Hi Jodi – Love the books!
    Anonymous and I have the same problem: The Great St Mary’s Day Out: A Chronicle of St Mary’s Short Story is listed as “currently not available” on US. Could you ask your minions at Accent Press to check on this problem. My meager wages are burning a whole in my pocket, and I cannot preorder this short story….

  6. Hurray for a new St. Mary’s story. I’m looking forward to it. I had an awful feeling at the end of the last book that the series might be over…so glad that was just a nightmare.

  7. EEEEEEEEEK! in the USA says no pricing information is available, then says:

    “Currently unavailable.
    We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

    Get the Technical Section of St Mary’s on it right away! There are hapless historians (wannabes, anyway,) in danger. My head will explode without the fix provided by the Kindle version. There is not enough chocolate in the universe to calm this craving!

  8. I also tried to pre-order the new short story on my Kindle at but they are showing that it doesn”t exist! I’m assuming that it’s only out in the U.K. & will take a while to be available here in Canada.

  9. Ah, i thought it was just us yoicks in australia who were missing out. Hope whatever the problem is gets sorted soon, i’m having St Mary’s withdrawals. Bloody fabulous books, Ms Taylor!

  10. I’ve been saying for a long time, these books need to carry a health warning! Be aware! You will suffer extreme withdrawal symptoms while you wait for Jodi to finish next book!
    Worth every painful moment. Thanks Jodi for providing so much pleasure to so many people.

  11. Any chance of the kindle books being available in paperback?

    Love all the St.Mary’s books very sad to see some only available on kindle.

    • No, apart from the short stories, they’re all available in paperback. And the short stories will be published in paperback form one day, although I don’t have a date yet. You can order the paperbacks from Amazon, or, I believe they’re available in Morrison’s as well. If you get really stuck, try I’m sure they’ll be able to help. Good luck.

  12. Sadly, The Great St. Mary’s Day Out still isn’t coming up on I’m a St. Mary’s addict,so I hope it turns up soon.

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