What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Five Star Amazon Review

Mayhem abounds at St Mary’s once again, Several new recruits, some surprising revelations, and an exploding pig all combine to make this another rollicking adventure with some rather dark bits thrown in for good measure.

I think the genius of Ms Taylor’s writing is all the stuff lurking between the lines: the relationships between the characters are so well defined that they – as well as us – all know what someone is thinking just by a look, or a gesture. The silent conversation between Max and Mrs Partridge is truly a class act.

Less classy, but entirely wonderful is the indestructible, Markham. I think of him as more socially acceptable,far more adept Corporal Nobbs – without the shoving.

I love Max – her character just expands and grows. She’s a fascinating creation and it was interesting to see her a little more introspective this time around. Leon is as delicious as ever.

Glorious. All of it. More please.

3 thoughts on “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

  1. Ha!! Brilliant!
    Though, I must admit, I think Markham’s not only more talented than Corporal Nobbs, but also infinitely more good looking. Markham’s very good at what he does. Admittedly, Nobby is too, but he’s only good at being sort-of-but-not-quite human and rather slimy, whereas Markham is a genius at….getting into things he shouldn’t.

    Exploding pigs! How fun!

    Also, Mrs. Partridge somehow manages to be comforting as well as utterly terrifying.

    • lol I agree with all of the above. Except, I don’t see Nobby as ‘slimy’, even so, I would never get between him and a mirror.

  2. Oh my gosh! Very glad you liked my Amazon review enough to repost it here. I’m a bit mortified about the typos though. I’m usually better at commas too! Off to pre-order number 7.

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