Publication Obligations Fulfilled

Publication Obligations Fulfilled – Time to Hit the Wine! And Chocolate! And Twiglets – which are enjoying a bit of a revival with me at the moment. This is a bit of a long title but I know Accent Press will take it in their stride.


So, I’m feeling very virtuous at the moment. I’ve sent the Christmas story off to Accent Press. It should be available for pre-order soon, so look out for And Now For Something Completely Different.

I’ve also finished the next St Mary’s book – Hope For the Best. I think that one’s out next April. And now, with all my publishing obligations fulfilled for the year, I thought I could sit back – well, sprawl on the sofa, actually – consume a mountain of chocolate and generally do nothing for a while.

I have to tell you – that lasted nearly twenty minutes. I don’t know what the universe has against me actually sitting down and doing nothing but I was just unwrapping my second bar of chocolate when I had an idea. Quite a strong one actually – I thought I’d just jot down a few notes because I have the memory of … forgotten what I was saying … but notes turned into full paragraphs and now I’m off again. And I’ve made a start on the next book, as well, which hopefully is going to be about the Time Police. So there we go – only twenty minutes without actually writing something. Is there something wrong with me?

Anyway, the next thing on my calendar is Cardiff Comicon on 22nd and 23rd September. We’ll be there with our usual table full of books, drinking tea, gossiping, discussing past and future books and in my case, harassing Wookies and Daleks. I was chased by a Dalek at London Comicon. It had a bucket marked Great Ormond Street on the end of its weapon stick and was intoning, ‘Donate. Donate. You will donate.’ I donated. It seemed the wisest thing to do.

In October we’re celebrating the release of Dark Light – out on the 25th, I think. For anyone near Gloucester, there’s a pre-pub signing on the 20th at Waterstones, exclusively to them, then scrumptious Afternoon Tea at Octavo’s in Cardiff on the 27th.

Also on the 25th October, for all my French readers, the French version of A Symphony of Echoes is published. The title is D’Echo en Echos. Apologies to French speakers everywhere – I can’t do the accent thingies. Don’t tell Accent.

And then, in November, I think we have Just One Damned Things’s fifth birthday. Five years! I can hardly believe it. I’ve written sixteen books altogether and I can’t count how many short stories. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t talking to myself, or scribbling in an old notebook, or even just standing staring into space while the world happens around me.

Which brings us to Christmas again. Another year nearer the grave as I always say when feeling at my cheeriest.

40 thoughts on “Publication Obligations Fulfilled

  1. you are a robot really, aren’t you??? I mean – SIXTEEN?? in FIVE years? That’s just mental! I LOVE your books – I laugh, I cry, I sob, I visualise, I would love to be able to write with so much passion & knowledge & emotion. And you obviously love what you do – what else is there to life? Be happy & make others happy. THANK YOU!

  2. Such wonderful news !! Both about the short story – and the title sounds VERY Monthy Python to me, which shows my age …. hmmmpphh… but anyway. As I was saying, thank you for everything you are writing for us and everything you do for us fans / readers who never gets totally satisfied = always wanting more …. smiles. Thank you again ! Merci beaucoup ! Which is pretty much the limit of my French, smiles again.

  3. The best thing about me rushing towards the end of my life (thanks to the one way progress of time) is that I have more St Mary’s Chronicles to look forward to in the future. Yay. Please don’t put your feet up again!

  4. I just love the crazy people at St. Mary’s! You and Dr. Who are my favorite British Christmas traditions. I start Christmas morning with your (preordered) story and end the day with the Doctor! With food and family in between it makes for a pretty good day. Please continue with the books and short stories as long as they come to you, and I’ll keep reading (and buying) them.

  5. I can only bow down in deference to your impressive productivity…in fairness though, it is to all our benefit that you are sharing the inner recesses of your mind with a rapidity that we all snaffle up like high octane hoovers. Without your writing I would a) have a tidy house b) have more of my own work finished c). Not have inexplicably racy and furtive daydreams about certain Chief Technical Officers that really show me up to be the disreputable middle aged wretch that I clearly am – glory be!
    With greatest thanks, you marvellous women!

  6. Thank you! Not a moment too soon – I just discovered the Chronicles last month and devoured the first nine full-length installments in less than three weeks.Then I went back and read all the short stories except for “Battersea Barricades.” THEN I went back and reread the first two novels (which was good, because I realized there were some important plot elements & details I’d forgotten.) Finally, this past weekend, I read all the Frogmorton Farm stories – “Little Donkey” and “Something Girl” in less than 24 hours. (Dare I ask if you have any intention of revisiting FF?)

    Thank goodness I still have “White Silence,” “Dark Light,” and “BB” (and possibly “Bachelor Establishment” if I can push past what I hope you can understand is my quite natural Isabella Barclay aversion) to tide me over until the Christmas story comes out. What I don’t know is what I’m going to do between Christmas and April. The smart money is between knitting obsessively and rocking back and forth muttering incoherently. More productive suggestions would be most welcome and will be taken into consideration.

    Congratulations on fulfilling your obligations, but more especially on getting more ideas so soon afterward! I’ll be looking forward to reading whatever’s next, and in the meantime, I’ve just about got my hubby convinced to read “JODTAA” so he can see what all the fuss is about.

    • A lot of orange in that Christmas story cover — my favorite color, BTW. It’s so exciting to know another (or three) new St. Mary’s books are on the way. We just can’t get enough, can we?

  7. Hope there are no Fascists in Cardiff, you haven’t run into a younger Theresa recently have you? (humor) Have fun storming the castle dear! (Princess Bride Humor – unfortunately I have to annotate, my sense of humor, I’m told, is odd) greedily awaiting next books (plain truth)

  8. Thank you for the brilliant news more St Mary’s Chronicles and especially the Christmas story, this is my Christmas Day secret pleasure along with lots of chocolate, and more chocolate. Thank you again also for the new series of White Silence, a brilliant book, with Dark Light also due out. Please don’t stop writing St Mary’s books, I am re-reading the Chronicles as I am suffering severe withdrawal symptoms! x

  9. The St Mary’s series is very good. The Frogmorton series Is the best I have ever read. I really hope you write more in this series.

  10. Can’t wait! I wants all the books! Sort of like everyone else who can’t wait. Except that I have more catching up to do than y’all do, so I’m good until. Also…wanna go to all the cons…but have to figure out how to arrange a visit to the UK first. Where are pods when you really need them? Or a TARDIS that goes where you want it to?

  11. Like everyone else i can’t wait for dark light and then more at Christmas, even though I keep trying not to use that word. Trouble is I read one of the books and find it difficult to get back to my normal (normal!!!) day. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me. Need to go and put the kettle on now

  12. You will probably be taking notes for a new ghost story as they try and force you into your coffin (with chocolate of course). Looking forward to seeing you “up north” again soon? Sue

  13. Damn. You’ve gone and got your books translated into français. (I can do the accents as I am sitting in France using an AZERTY keyboard.) Anyway, as I was saying – Damn. Because I teach English and suggest that my Advanced students read your books, which, generally speaking, they do, so I’m keeping this whole translation thing a secret. Bon courage and bon continuation!

  14. Just back from holiday in Sardinia and almost the first thing I did was pre-order Dark Light. Not my favourite genre, but the simple fact is, if you, Jodi Taylor, write something, I will buy it.
    As usual, I shall be grateful on Christmas Day that I am alone and can cook and read at the same time, and then re-read again.
    If I ever manage to meet you, which is about the only thing on my bucket list, I shall bring lots, and lots of choccy for you, to try and thank you for all the hours of pleasure, and crying you have given me.

    • Tina – hi, it’s me. Ignore the IP thing. For some reason my blog page thinks I’m Mike.

      We have to stop nearly meeting and do it properly. We’ve been together a long time now. And yes, the chocolate thing is good, too.

      Best wishes, Jodi

  15. Hi Mike !!! Yes, we MUST meet, and obviously it is I who must do the travelling, as you are busy and important and I am not. It WILL happen – so will the chocolate. xx

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