Firemen, Comicon, and Dark Light updates

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay – I lost the power cable to my laptop and yesterday was a stressful disaster with lost cables, my kitchen being ripped out, my first Smartphone – which has replaced my beloved Turkish Brick – power cuts, our lovely building manager being stuck in the lift, and firemen,

Rather disappointingly, they refused to take off their uniforms. I’ve seen that advert. The one with the woman in the bath with her toe stuck in the tap. The one where one of the firemen suggests they take off their uniforms to avoid being splashed and his boss agrees so they take off their clothes. Except for their helmets and boots, of course. Nice to see Health and Safety making itself useful for a change.

Anyway, setting aside half-naked firemen – but only temporarily in my case – I wanted to thank everyone who dropped by at Comicon over the weekend. And special thanks to those who brought gifts. I love presents.

I am now the proud owner of a pair of pink ears. They have bells attached and I love them. And thanks to the lady who made the roses – Yorkshire, Lancashire and Tudor.

And huge thanks for Oscar the Ringworm now living happily on my bookcase.

And thanks for the lovely tea-wallet.

And for all the chocolate.

I met so many lovely people as well. I was shattered when I got back but it was a wonderful experience and I loved every minute of it.

I’m taking August very quietly – well, at the moment I have no kitchen so I don’t have a lot of choice – but the next biggie on the horizon is the sequel to White Silence. Dark Light is published on 25th October and now available for pre-order on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

For those who are interested, there’s an exclusive preview signing at Waterstones in Gloucester on Saturday 20th October and one of our sumptuous Afternoon Teas on Saturday 27th October at Octavo’s Bookshop in Cardiff.

We’re also putting together plans for a special Christmas Tea in December so I hope to see some of you at one of these events. Full details will be available on this page later.

I typed that yesterday. Since then I have continued the disaster theme by pouring boiling water all over my desk, my notes for the next St Mary’s story, and my long-suffering mouse. I don’t know what happened – I just missed the mug completely. Back to bed, perhaps ….

11 thoughts on “Firemen, Comicon, and Dark Light updates

  1. I have just visualised everything you have written and will go to bed in a couple of hours with. Grin on my face and hopefully dream of firemen and hot water. Bliss lol
    Thank you Jodi.

  2. Firstly, its wonderful that so many of your current and potential readers have met you! Jodi you are a lovely warm friendly person, but for all these mini disasters you have been experiencing, I wonder has She who punishes, I mean publishes, put a curse on you to work harder.. and your dear little brain has fried?
    Secondly, I have preordered Dark Light, and although I was unsure of my reaction to WS, I can’t chance missing something !
    Thirdly, I am on a diet more or less permanently after putting on 21 pounds in three years of marriage/ contentment. I should add I am still married, and have 1 pound to lose to be at the weight I was when we married in April 2015! This of course (sad face) means no sumptuous cream teas for moi!
    In conclusion, I hope your notes survived the water torture, and stick to iced tea for the foreseeable future!

  3. Oh Jodi, your newsletters always bring a smile to my face as you sound so much like me, disaster area on legs! I have already pre-ordered Dark Light and will make sure I am cosily snuggled up on publication day for a mammoth read, bit like on St Mary publishing day! I so love the St Mary stories and hope you can keep the inspiration going for Max, Leon Markham et al, Thank you Jodi for the pleasure you give me in your books and newsletters of course! PS Can you do a public visit or similar in the East of England? Would love to meet you, thank you x

  4. O dear, makes my day (lost car keys, left laptop at home, missed two meetings already) seem less disastrous! Hope the rest of the week is better, the fireman are less heavily clothes, and all electronic devices dry out/charge up/generally work. As for the kitchen – excellent reason to live on takeaways (as long as the kettle and tea bags still have a place…)
    Thank you for all of the books 🙂

  5. It has been wonderful to read his blog, as usual. And I have followed you and all your fan meetings on Facebook. I do not know if I ever will get to meet you in person, living in Sweden that is. But enough moaning about that … my question is: are we going to be able to order a signed copy of Dark Light on This Site, as with earlier books? I really hope so. If not maybe the next St Mary’s will be possible to be order signed. I hope your disastrous week ends on a happier note – hopefully filled with chocolate (for you) and writing (for us) Thank you for everything you give us fans through your kindness and your books, smiles.

  6. It was such a lovely surprise to see you at LFCC. So glad you had a good time. Thank you for persuading me to get “White Silence” as my free third book – I loved it!! So now I can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  7. I’ve definitely been in your world this week. In fact, I’ve had pneumonia, 3 sets of company, 3 broken toilets, a broken garage opener and a backing-up crash into my brother’s car. I would fit into a St. Mary’s story rather easily.

  8. Sadly, Dark Light is not available for pre-order in the US. I will have to relocate to the UK if Amazon US doesn’t get its act together 😜

  9. Hi. I’m just wondering if our favourite narrator, Zara, is working on dark light? The audio book is not available for pre-order as far as I can see just yet, and that’s how I’ve experienced all your books to date.

    My first ever audio book of yours was white silence, so i’m eagerly looking forward to this, despite being halfway through the current st mary’s books.

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