Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone,


Firstly, apologies for the long gap since my last blog – I’ve been really busy and today I finished the first draft of the next St Mary’s book. Before anyone asks – it’s out next year. I don’t have a date yet.

I’ve really slaved over this one and haven’t really had time to do much else over the last few months. The book kind of took over my life – apparently I’ve been slightly unsociable and for heaven’s sake don’t tell Accent Press I haven’t even made a start on the Christmas story yet.

Matters were further delayed by Bruce Pavier posting the singing policemen video on the Fans of St Mary’s page. I’ve never been one for cute cats or painting elephants or people having horrific skateboarding accidents, but for some reason I can’t stop watching it. I don’t know why but I’m beginning to suspect some deep-rooted psychological issues. If the next book’s late – blame Bruce.

Some news to start with –

White Silence is being featured in Kindle’s Summer Sale and is currently priced at 99p

The Nothing Girl is currently FREE! And is about to featured in a Bookbub promotion beginning, I think, on 17th July.

The Steam-Pump Jump comes out on the 12th July on Kindle UK and on Audible. Sorry – I’ve no idea what’s going on in the US.

London Comicon is on the 27th, 28th and 29th July this year. We’ll be there for all three days and I really hope some of you will be able to make it. There’ll be books and bags and stuff, together with Hazel and me all ready to eat chocolate and have a good gossip. No future plots will be given away unless wine and large sums of money are forthcoming.

The sequel to White SilenceDark Light – should be available for pre-order soon. Keep an eye on my facebook pages for details.

For all those kind people who enquired after the wellbeing of my ganglion – not my wellbeing, you’ll notice – it remains an ex-ganglion. I do, however, have an extremely throbby wrist, so if any of you are possibly considering employing Accent Press to tackle similar problems in a similar way – it’s probably best if you don’t. I might as well say now – there’s not a great deal of sympathy coming out of Accent, either. I suspect I’ll be getting a bill for damage to the mobile phone any day now. You’d think someone would have developed a ganglion-removing app by now, wouldn’t you? There’s an app for everything else.

In other news, I went to prison last week. And a very enjoyable experience it was. At the request of his wife, I took my brother the eminent author with me. I can still run faster than he can – there are small rocks that can run faster than he can – so I kept dashing off and leaving him. Or slamming cell doors in his face, but sadly he found his way back out again. It was actually very interesting. We heard all sorts of gruesome stories and visited the condemned cell which bore a startling resemblance to my room when I was in the RAF. Apparently, public executions were carried out on the roof and were considered first-rate family entertainment. The eminent author took some photos – some of which are attached. See what you think. At least, unlike the West Kennet Long Barrow, I didn’t fall down a hole this time.

















































Apologies to all the people who have commented on my previous blogs and not received a reply. For some reason I’ve had some problems accessing the site. I now have some magical procedure to follow that should solve all my problems. Fingers crossed.

26 thoughts on “Hi Everyone

  1. I’m delighted to hear the sequel to White Silence is coming soon, it made me very cross to suddenly get to the end of it (the problem with audiobooks is that you don’t notice how little there is left of the book!)

  2. Jodi – You mention The Nothing Girl – I love, love, love the Frogmorton Farm series – will there be more?

    • Please, please, please let there be more in the Frogmorton Farm series!!! A full length book, if possible. But I’d gratefully accept even the delicious crumbs of another short story!

  3. Whew … so glad they didn’t keep you! The eminent author is kinda cute, even if he can’t outrun a rock. Is he eminently authoring something we’d like to read?

    • The IP address is weird but it is me. I laughed like a drain when you said he was cute and I’ve fired off an extremely rude email to him. The last time I asked he was eminently authoring the third Bertie book but I’m not sure how it’s progressing. I don’t know if you’ve read any of the others – Bertie and the Kinky Politician is the first in the series. They’re about an exceptionally intelligent macaw named Bertie and some extremely devious politicians. There’s all sorts of strange goings on and some slightly weird sex. Jodi.

      • I vaguely remember looking up his books sometime in the recent past and found there are no Audible versions. The only time I can read is at bedtime, and I’m lucky to get a whole page done before I fall asleep. So, I listen to Audible books during the day while I’m busy. I’m 70, and caregiver for my mother and my husband. Almost any man younger and on his feet is cute these days. lol

  4. hmmm you’d think someone would have turned that lovely establishment into a youth hostel or office space! or maybe another historical research center… Just think Dr Rapson could have fun trying to break out…. or in

    • Hi – I’m not sure what IP name and address comes up because I have a bit of a problem but it’s definitely me. Yes, the prison is all up for development. They’re having to keep the older parts, the governor’s house and the old gate. I don’t know about the lovely wrought iron snakes and staircases – it would be a pity to lose them but I don’t suppose they’re everyone’s cup of tea. Jodi.

  5. Happy to take the hit for the ‘singing policemen’. Funny thing … A lot of the original comments indicate that the ladies would like to be better acquainted with them.

  6. All your fans will forgive you once you’d mentioned being busy finishing a book. Is your brother also writing another book about the amazing parrot?

    • Hi. Last time I checked with him he was working on the third in the series. Do you want me to put a rocket up his bum? Wouldn’t be a problem! Jodi.

  7. Thank you dear. I always look forward to your blog. They are so entertaining. Just got Steam Pump and will devour it this afternoon

  8. The kindle version of The Steam Pump Jump showed up just after the Los Angeles equaliviant of midnight eastern on the 12th. Expecting the audible version soon.

  9. Thank you Jodi for your always entertaining newsletter, I do look forward to reading them, almost as much as the St Mary stories, Steam Pump has just arrived on my much loved Kindle and I am waiting for a quiet spell later today when I can devour and enjoy it without interruption. Glad to hear there is a sequel to White Silence as I was wondering if there was a sequel due, please continue with St Mary’s please as they are my absolute favourite books of all time, thank you again. PS I have not heard of your brother’s books, what name does he publish under as I would love to have a look at his books.

  10. Thank you, Jody – the Steam-pump jump was a light snack for this voracious reader/fan (I vainly expected North and Sykes creating a “diplomatic incident” with the Protestant inspectors, in traditional sh*t-hits-the-steam-pump tradition), but I was served instead a beautiful, delicate (even the soggy bits) and heartening piece of healing work. So I read it a second time, in the right mood and felt delighted, and heaped more blessings on you !

    By the way, do you think Mr Strong might be persuaded to breed (to hybrid ?) a commemorative Markham strain of roses ?

  11. Jodi, your books make me laugh out loud and shed tears of sorrow, and really, what more can one ask of a book? Can’t wait until the next one!

  12. I have a couple of questions regarding Lingoss. One, what is the significance of everyone calling her Connie? Two, was the substitute teacher Mrs. DeWinter?

    • Yes, it was Mrs De Winter and Lingoss is nicknamed Connie as a really bad joke. Connie Lingoss. Say it quickly – but not out loud!

  13. I am fascinated by the accents used by Zara Ramm for the series, and wonder if she chose the regional accents to use for the characters, or if you specified where they are from. Especially Markham, Sykes and Mrs. Mac. I hear great subtle differences between many characters, but as a North American, I don’t know where Brits are from based solely on accent.

    However if we can entice you over here to the States Jodi, I would be delighted to give you a guided tour of our regional speech variations. For example, a real Texan says they’re “frum Ticksus.” In different states a soft drink may be called variously a soda, sodee, a pop, or a co-cola.

    Anyway, I’d love to know from where all the members of St Mary’s hail, especially Mr Markham and Sykes. Thanks so much for all the books, please keep them coming!!!

    • Hi,

      Ignore the IP address – it’s me. I don’t actually give Zara any instructions regarding regional accents. Sometimes I do specify origins in the book – for instance, Kal is from Manchester, Sykes is Scottish, Lingoss is from Manchester, Mrs Enderby from Welwyn Garden City and so on. Usually, though, unless otherwise specified, Zara chooses her own. We had lunch together once, and in the spirit of author/narrator co-operation, I asked her if there was anything I could do to make her life easier. She put down her fork with something of a snap, and said, ‘Well … since you mention it.’ It would seem that she’d allocated the security guard Evans a Welsh accent – Evans is a Welsh name after all – and then, right in the middle of Book 6, Evans calmly announces he’s from Halifax. According to Zara, a harassed narrator had two paragraphs to phase out the Welsh and phase in the Yorkshire. I meekly promised never to do that again.

      I would love to come to America one day. I’ve never been. I want to sit in a diner and eat pie!

      Best wishes, Jodi.

  14. I love love love your books!!!! Every time a new one hits audible I go back to “The Very First Damn Thing” and listen to them all in order up to the new one!! I’m on book 6 now working my way to “Steam Punk Jump”!! I have one question, and this maybe bc I’m America, but I have googled and still can’t figure out the concept of the data data cube! I found on the web lots on computer programming that was completely over my head!! But I picture it in the books a 3 dimensional object. Can you help tp enlighten me!?!?! Thank you for taking the time to read this and for writing one of my favorite series!! Long Live Saint Mary’s!!!!!

  15. Please, please can I order signed copies your Augmentation of Historians to be sent to New Hampshire for me and my sister? I keep getting this when I try “There are no shipping methods available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly, or contact us if you need any help.” But there is no place to contact you!

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