Promising Author Incurs Massive Injuries at Cardiff Comicon. Dazzling Career Cut Short.

We’ll not see her like again. She will be deeply missed. Sorry, who are we talking about here?’ – Accent Press.


Well, here I am at last. Back home again after another Cardiff Comicon. First things first – hello and thanks to everyone who popped by. Especially the lovely lady from Hungary who recognised JODTAA, ‘because it’s very popular in Hungary.’ Barely had I picked myself up off the floor when she informed us that the Hungarian version of ASOE had also been released and was doing rather well, too. Hazel was speechless – a phenomenon which really made the whole weekend worthwhile, trust me! She’s going to kill me for saying that.

Not that she hasn’t already had a good go already. I happened to mention Gareth the Ganglion and how, despite decades of massive NI contributions, I’d been unable to persuade the NHS to deal with it – and the next thing – out of nowhere – her mobile phone came whistling through the air to impact on poor old unsuspecting Gareth like a 747 jet hitting the runway with no undercarriage. There was shooting agony all up one arm and massive, massive bad language. And not in that order, either. To say nothing of funny looks from adjacent stall holders. And no difference to Gareth either, except we could add extensive bruising and epic throbbing to the mix.

But – I woke up this morning and it’s much, much smaller, although I suspect it’s probably just crouching with its eyes shut and expecting the worst at any moment. But there is a definite improvement. Obviously, I could write to Accent Press and report success but I’d never hear the last of it and they’d almost certainly charge me for wear and tear to the phone.

Anyway, again, thanks to everyone who turned up. Double thanks to those who bought some books and double double thanks to those who brought chocolate. You know who you are. Sian.

In other news, JODTAA is to be a BookBub Special Offer in June, so keep your eyes peeled for details.

And – and I was barely functioning through multiple layers of pain at the time so don’t ask for any extra info – not only are we at London Comicon in July, but we might be at the Newcastle one as well. That’s the one in October. Where, presumably, Hazel will be assaulting me all over again. I suspect she’s had the electric bill and now the electrodes are off the table for a while so she’s having to improvise. Good job, Hazel

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

10 thoughts on “Promising Author Incurs Massive Injuries at Cardiff Comicon. Dazzling Career Cut Short.

  1. It was lovely to see you at Comic Con Cardiff Jodie. Thank you for answering my banal questions so patiently (especially after I had already bombarded you a few weeks earlier at Octavo’s – my husband says ‘stalker’ but Hazel kindly said ‘Fangirl’, so let’s go with that…..)
    Thank you also for signing the mug which my daughter came back to get, because I was too embarrassed to show my face yet again….

    Anyway, I’m glad you posted because I wanted to say that our chat on Saturday promted me to read ‘White Silence’ and I absolutely loved it, so thank you yet again for generally adding to life in such positive ways. I have read everything you have published since downloading Just one Thing in January and this was one I was keeping back. I think it is because a lady at Octavo’s said something about feeling nervous for Elizabeth all the way through – which she loved – but I didn’t know if my pathetic constitution would cope. Anyway, can’t believe I was even worried. Your beautiful writing and deft, clever storytelling pulled me in immediately. The characters are just, well, I can’t find a way to describe how multidimensional and interesting they are to me. I want to spend more time with all of them – even the awful ones, just to find out more. I jumped, I cried, I laughed, (I even fell in love a bit) so – thank you, thank you, thank you (as I used to say in Brownies) yet again.
    I am now bereft waiting for the next one.

    Oh and the ganglion – I once heard a Bible was effective and I work for the NHS so, you know….. never mind.

  2. Hi Jodi,
    Glad you have recovered from meeting Helen and I on Saturday! I am loving reading AAOH in proper book form; although I have listened to it and also read the Kindle version, nothing is ever as good as holding a signed book by your favourite author.
    What brilliant news about your popularity in Hungary!!

  3. Hi Jodi – lovely to hear Cardiff went well. I live here in Ontario, Canada and, like the NHS, our OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance whatever..) also believes in the Bible cure. And not only for ganglions – some time ago I went to emerge with a dislocated shoulder only to hear the triage nurse say, “Oh God, not another one!” …although she might have been referring to me personally. I’m never quite sure. 😀

  4. Well this is, for all disaster magnets, a very appropriate ‘fix’ for your ganglion:

    The acidic property of black tea helps heal a ganglion cyst and prevents it from getting worse. The tea’s anti-inflammatory nature also provides relief from pain and swelling.

    Dip a black tea bag in warm water for 5 minutes.
    Remove it and squeeze out the excess water.
    Hold the moist, warm tea bag over the affected area for 10 minutes.
    Repeat a few times daily for several days.

  5. Well! Jodi your updates are so funny you should get that woman to stop torturing and start publishing… they would make a great book in themselves! Title?…. something like … hmmm a competition in the making perhaps… Name that collection of meanderings of a tortured sole…?

  6. Hi Jodi
    Any chance of you doing any Comic Cons Liverpool / Machester area?
    Would love to meet you in person but everywhere you have done is a bit far away to travel to!

  7. I have been trying to order signed copies of your new book but it refuses to give me postage for the US and will not let me order them, Help?

  8. Jodi, l am one of your rabid Murican fans (so please come to Seattle!).
    I won’t comment here on the astoundingly great USA health care system because l’ve run out of expletives- but about 50 years ago l had a ganglion on my wrist and a doctor told me that he could do surgery, and that he really couldn’t recommend “whacking it with a book like some people used to”. So of course l went home and whacked it with a book. Repeatedly. It went away. Not that l am recommending that, of course.
    If only there really were a St. Mary’s – perhaps our election results could be altered (by Markham, accidentally, of course)

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