Afternoon Tea

I have a busy week ahead of me so this little note is more of an aide-memoir for me because my memory’s not what it used to be. Which implies that it used to be quite good and that’s really not true at all. I have a selective memory. It retains trivia, rubbish, and everything unimportant while allowing the really important stuff to just slide straight through. My brother once came out to visit me in Turkey and I forgot. I marched into my apartment one evening, somewhat surprised to find all the lights on and even more surprised to find him sprawled on my sofa watching TV. Somewhat indignantly demanding to know what the hell he thought he was doing here and why didn’t he let me know he was coming, he replied he had. We’d exchanged emails only a few days beforehand.

You can guess the main topic of conversation over the next few days.

Anyway – An Argumentation of Historians is out on Tuesday. Don’t ask me about official publishing dates. Hazel and I were adamant there should be only one publishing date for this book because it’s just not fair if some get it before others. Once again, that hasn’t happened, but by Tuesday all date-trauma should be over. I hope you enjoy the book and consider it worth the wait. And before anyone asks – yes, I’m on with the next one, although I don’t have a publishing date for that yet. Or a title. Or an ending. Other than that – it’s going well.

What else?

Yes – Afternoon Tea with Prosecco. Although I’m not allowed any until the event is over. Apparently, I’m not good with wine. So you’ll be eating and drinking and, with luck, having a lovely time, and I’ll have to make do with a crust and a cup of water. I am an Accent Press author after all.

We’ll all be at Octavo’s Book Shop in Cardiff on 14th and 15th April – they’re allowing me to sleep in the basement as a special treat and I get to use the Accent Press facilities beforehand. Someone once asked me what sort of image I liked to project on these occasions. Creative? Artistic? Business-like? I replied that normally I just aim for ‘clean.’ Or, if I’m really going for it – ‘normal’.

I’ve been asked to remind you there will be the special St Mary’s Cupcakes as well and while you’re all scoffing away I’ve been bullied persuaded to read an excerpt from the upcoming The Battersea Barricades – three special ladies’ personal memories of the civil uprisings.

By the time you see this, the clever people at Accent Press will have tidied up my maunderings and inserted links where appropriate and generally made this post a lot more entertaining and pretty so I shall stop now. My candle is nearly worn down and I can’t afford a new one. I’m looking forward to meeting you there – have a good week.

27 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea

  1. Jodi – my beautiful Brasilian daughter-in-law and I will be scoffing the aftermentioned with you on Saturday in Octavo’s. Ari is no longer pregnant (as per the last time we met you in Octavo’s) and will have pictures of baby Alexander to prove it.

    Best to avoid her, really.

    Looking forward to seeing the ‘clean’ you then.

    Jacquie (Rogers) and Ariana (Carrano) xx

  2. Congratulations on “An Argumentation of Historians”. I’m so glad I don’t have grandparent duty this week…. can’t wait until tomorrow!

  3. Is there any way that you could be persuaded to do an event in, for instance, Bath? Or Salisbury or Winchester? Basically anywhere within a couple of hours of the south coast!

  4. I’m trying to imagine what “special St Mary’s cupcakes” might be. Toad-in-the-hole flavor? Bacon sammie? Sausage with scrummy black bits?

  5. Jodi – VERY excited about Argumentation and the continuation of the St. Mary’s Chronicles! I’m also a huge fan of the Frogmorton Farm stories – could you please clone yourself and write more of those? 🙂

  6. I am a very faithful reader from Canada, having read all your books, but all of Max’s hilarious tales two and three times each. I am so very much looking forward to . . . Thursday over here, for the newest escapades of my favourite bunch of nuts. Oh, and by the way, I resent your naming the Bitchface Isabella. I thoroughly enjoyed that book also! Thank you for hours and hours of delight!

  7. I am a faithful listener from Virginia. I have all your St. Mary’s Stories both long and short via Audible. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Cheers! Katie

  8. I would dearly love to be in Cardiff on the 14 th, and even on the 15th! Alas, I will still be in the Pacific Northwest, no where near Cardiff. But I a, so glad historians will be available, and I have a coupon at the nearest book store…Life is looking up!! And more short sties in book form???please, please please! (If I were to appear anywhere, where people were actually be going to look at me and expect anything approximating coherency, I’d probably be greatful if I didn’t have breakfast egg on my shirt, and my hair wasn’t standing straight up!)

  9. Dear Jodi,

    Being across the pond, I shall have a warm cup of tea in solidarity at the selected time. I may even consume some treat along with, as a special treat. speaking of which, I pre ordered both book & novela, truly looking forward to it! Thank you for writing, its a real pleasure reading!


    MissBHavens as usual

  10. Hi Jodi. As I pre-ordered Argumentation quite a while ago, I decided that my time could not be spent in a better way that reading all your St Mary’s books and short stories again, but this time in the correct order! Well, I like to be unconventional!
    When I had finished and I saw that there was still quite a long wait to the arrival of the Argumentation and the Battersea Barricades, I re-read The Nothing Girl, The Something Girl and A Batchelor Establishment – no, still not time for the new masterpieces!
    So I re-read the Elizabeth Cage book – I did enjoy that, when will the next one be with us?

    Then, just as I was losing all hope I read your blog – and I will now just wait for the latest offering to appear in my Library – so I can read it and then read it again! Thank you – you are a lifesaver!

    Keep up the good work – you bring so much pleasure to so many devoted fans!
    Norma Grubb

    • Hello Norma from Thirsk. I think you deserve some sort of award for your stamina! Hope you enjoy the new book. For me, the day a new book comes out is very similar to watching Dr Who – I do it from behind the sofa. Best wishes, Jodi. PS the new Elizabeth Cage book should be with us around October time.

  11. Ha! Someone once asked me what impression I wanted my home to make. I (honestly) replied, “doesn’t smell bad.”

  12. Just finished to devour « An argumentation of historians ». Brilliant and exhilarating, as usual. No spoilers, but one added pleasure : it is definitely _not_ the last book in the series.

    Thank you, Jodi. <3

    • Oh, and by the way, isn’t there a typographicus horribilis at the beginning of chapter 2 ?

      “And here we were. Bang on the nose. Greenwich, 1536. Fat Harry’s anus horribilis.”

      Or is it some sort of historian joke ?

  13. I have just finished the new book. I loved it, laughed, cried (william). I can’t wait until the next one! An absolutely fantastic read!

  14. I have just downloaded the Argumentantion and have the sofa and teapot baggised for this afternoon can’t wait!
    Somewhere in the feeble brain I had stored that you would be at Llandelio litfest is this happening or is it wishful thinking on my part?

  15. I’ve always maintained I have a magpie memory – picks up shiny tidbits, but leaves the ordinary stuff unnoticed.

    I’ve just finished AoH and enjoyed it. Having referred back to the dramatis thingummy, I was wondering how Max was going to get back from the 14thC by way of the 19th. I was dumbfounded when they ended up at St Mary’s when and where she wanted to, leaving the trip back to post-Waterloo for another day. Can’t even get decent spoilers from the dramatis etc 😉

    By the way, is David Sands “Time of My Life” likely to be published?

  16. Barricades arrived! Read in minutes, with tea (obviously). Child wants to know why I am crying. Thank you for the warning. And the gift of knowing Mrs Mack and her terrifying ladies. Was the ‘old’ woman on the boat Mrs Partridge in disguise, making the right people be in the right place at the right time?
    Gratefully yours, etc.

    • As usual, I tore through it (I always need to _know_), but since I am a recursive reader, will now ruminate it slowly, safe in the knowledge there it is less trauma-inducing that I feared. Wonderfully evocative and _alive_ as usual, so much it could have been real history. Jodi is a dangerously captivating storyteller – we are lucky to have her.

      Regarding the Old Woman in the Boat, I somehow doubt it was Mrs Partridge / Kleio : in « The very first damned thing », she is described as

      « The door opened to reveal a tall, elegant woman of indeterminate age. She wore her dark hair in a neat French pleat. Her black suit was impeccably tailored. »

      And as Kleio, she’s always in full regalia. This would be a significant (but not impossible) modus operandi. On the other hand, the image of this Minnie Bannister-like old woman on her dilapidatedboat ferrying the severely wounded up some sort of foggy Styx evoked a weird mix of a female Charon and a Walkyrie fallen on hard times.

      Only Jodi could tell.

      Well, this has been thirsty work. Off to make some tea !

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