A Quick Blog Update

Gentle Readers, I lift my head from my smoking laptop with good news. Good for you, that is. I’ve been head down these last weeks, finishing a new short story. That’s right – a bonus story, in fact.

Events proceeded thusly:

Me – all whiney and wanting my own way: This Battersea Barricades story – you know most of the action takes place on St George’s Day, don’t you. I think it would be appropriate to bring it out on that day. 23rd April.

Accent Press: OK

Me: I know you won’t be happy but I really think … what?

Accent Press: OK

Me: When you say OK …

Accent Press: OK

Me: Great. Well. Um. Yes. Thanks.

Accent Press: Of course that means there will be nothing for your readers between April and October. They won’t be happy.

Me: But I’ll be working on …

Accent Press – leaning forward in a sinister fashion: And neither will we.

Me – whimpering: Oh. OK. What did you have in mind?

Accent Press: A summer short story. And be quick about it.

Me: But …

Accent Press: Why are you still here?

Me: No idea, but I’ll get right on it, oh Great Ones.

So there you go – I’m just putting the finishing touches to it now, but you’ll have an additional short story this year. It’s provisionally entitled ‘The Steam-Pump Jump’, although that could change, and will probably be available around July sometime.


In other news, there’s Afternoon Tea – with Prosecco – on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April, at Octavo’s Bookshop in Cardiff. I’ll be there, signing books, trying to look normal and, if you pour enough Prosecco down me, probably giving away the plot of the next three books.

I’m at Cardiff Comicon in May – that’s always great fun. Loads of St Mary’s people turned up last year – some in costume, which was lovely – and a great deal of fun was had by all. We were a little noisy, but our stand was outside the gents so no one noticed. If you can, do try and come along. There’ll be copies of An Argumentation of Historians for me to sign. And all the other books, of course. In fact, my head gets a bit blurry at these events and I tend to sign anything put in front of me. Note to all: if you find yourself confronted by a smiling publisher with a glass of wine in one hand and a contract in the other – run away ….!

And this year – a first – we’re at London Comicon in July. I’m really excited about this one because it’s a biggie. We’ll be the ones trying not to squeal with excitement or make idiots of ourselves, although I’m not hopeful. This will be our first time at the London bash and we’re hoping to meet and make lots of new friends. Again, do try and come along.

I shall leave you now … another book to be written …

21 thoughts on “A Quick Blog Update

    • I’d love to visit the US. I have a fantasy – well, actually, I have several, but this is the one that can be shared. I want to walk into an old-fashioned diner. There will be a lady behind the counter, wiping it down. She’ll be wearing a yellow overall. She’ll say, ‘What’ll it be, hon?’ I’ll have to gloss over my dislike of coffee and ask for a cup of tea and … pie. I don’t know what sort of pie but it has to be pie. I’ll sit at the high counter, drink my tea, eat my pie and watch America go past. Cherry pie, maybe – think Twin Peaks. Or chocolate pie. Or pecan pie. Or pumpkin pie … Now look what you’ve done.

      • Doesn’t that mean that you’ll have to first have America open its borders…again? (Never have understood why you closed them in the first place!)

      • We have the perfect diner for you here in Norwood Massachusetts. Brilliantly called the “Town Diner” and just perfect for your fantasy Americanization of Jodi!

  1. I don’t know these “Gentle Readers” of whom you speak, but we Disaster Magnets are always thrilled to have something else to read. I mean, when you’ve written it. Or are going to write it. Actually, we’re excited to know you’re only thinking about writing. We are a bit of a disaster, aren’t we?

    • I’ve just finished it. Now it’s a case of taking a deep breath and sending it off to Accent Press. Left to myself I’d tinker with it for ages, but I know that when you reach the stage of putting commas in and then taking them back out again, it’s as finished as I can make it.

  2. Wonderful to know you’ve finished it – we won’t mind if there is a comma too many or too few – and anyway, your writing is so good that the odds are, it will be perfect 🙂

  3. I wish a publisher with wine and a contract would casually bump into me… Oh yes, and looking forward to your next book, btw, I knew there was something else I was going to say.

  4. Oh wow, another story coming up – I can hardly wait! Many thanks for all your hard work and you should really not let your computer smoke like that – not healthy and then there’s the second-hand smoke issues…

  5. Wow Jodi – sounds like Accent Press is taking on the mantle of Dr Bairstow! Enjoy your Afternoon Tea – with Prosecco sounds good but not quite up to the standard of Hot Chocolate and Elderflower water at the White Rose Book Café in Thirsk. Do not let the “Dr Bairstow” replacement bully you too much but when is the sequel to White Silence due? it is ages since I was that scared! Sue and Bob xx

      • Hurray!! White Silence well and truly got me in a way that I had not experienced in years. So when I finished, what did I do? Turned right back round and read it again. Well done you! I am looking forward to the sequel, whenever it comes. Exciting new series. Kris (BBCAmerican).

  6. Please never end your St. Mary’s Chronicles series. Just keep it going past Book#40 where Max and Leon are hobbling around with walkers. We’ll enjoy them just as much. As for lowering our borders to let in brave souls from the UK, let me say, your stories are one of the few joys keeping us sane during this awful period in our history, and you and your hoards,are always welcome. I am almost 69 years old and know from which I speak.

    I assume I’m a progressive (leftie, bleeding heart liberal, pinko commie–a joke in our family) because of my nature and also because I’ve seen so many bad things as a pediatrician and being on the child protection team. I so appreciate a futuristic view that is encouraging and filled with strong individuals working and sacrificing, who are closer than any real family. I have my favorite characters, so please don’t kill them off. (I mist up at the least thing in my dotage). As we say here, “You go girl!”

  7. I am not sure why you address us as “Gentle Reades ” – believe these were the previous generations. I know you peek in at the Virtual St Mary’s page occasionally, I don’t think there is a one Gentle reader there with the possible exception of myself, as I just hide in the archives to read — oh dear, of course, I did mean to work!
    I am going to try to come to Cardiff Comicon though sometimes it is not a good idea to meet ones heroes and idols in the flesh, so to speak, and you are most certainly my hero and idol.
    And now I have not only The Battersea Barricades to look forward to next week (obviously on the day when I am going be out at work in the day AND have visitors in the evening. I shall just pretend that it arrives on 27th ! But also a summer story to wait for with baited breath (bated? baited?) in this case I think it is baited as you have set the bait and we will all jump into the trap to see who can be first to grab the book.
    You are a wonderful ladyl.
    Thank you for making my life immeasurably better.

  8. I only found your St. Mary’s books about 2 months ago. In that time, I’ve read Chronicles 1-7.as well as a number of the short stories. Have just bought Chronicles 8 and 9, and still have a couple of short stories waiting to be read,and there are stil a few more for me to purchase, but I’m a fast reader. I keep checking Kobo, Kindle, Amazon, Wikipedia. They say there are 10 Chronicles in the series, but I can’t find #10. Have you written it yet? When will I be able to get it? (Excuse the slightly preemptory tone but I’m 83, not in the best of health and can’t wait forever.) I love your books, the tone, the wit, the very impressive grasp of history. In my former life, I was an English professor and my world was Dickens. Trollope, Thackeray, Eliot, Mrs. Gaskell, The Brontes etc. Still love them all, but since retirement discovered first Terry Pratchett, now you. As Joe Gargery says to Pip, “Wot larks!”

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