To all Disaster Magnets everywhere

I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Peaceful and Prosperous New Year.

I’m supposed to be putting my notebooks away and shutting down my laptop but we all know that’s never going to happen. No sooner do I think – that’s it. No more work now until after the New Year – then an idea drills its way through my forebrain and I’m off again.

I had also planned to use the holiday period to sort out all my notes and scribblings. As anyone who’s ever met me has instantly realised, I have the memory capacity of a small block of wood. If I don’t get it scribbled down immediately then it’s gone forever, leaving nothing in its wake but an uneasy feeling that there was something important … somewhere …

Since everything’s spread over five or six notebooks and an entire blizzard of scrappy bits of paper, this will be an enormous job, and so I have equipped myself with a filing cabinet. In a very pretty shade of duck egg blue.

Yes, I do know that really the colour isn’t that important, but I think we’ve all realised I’m a very shallow and superficial person. And with a poor … what do they call it? … memory! Yes, that’s it.

Anyway, I’m feeling very virtuous. I’ve brought my long-neglected accounts up to date, all ready for the inevitable dispute with my lovely accountant. I have pointed out to her that I write fantasy and what does she expect?

I’ve written and posted all my Christmas cards.

I’ve wrapped my Christmas presents with only minimal damage to the fabric of the building.

And Sainsbury’s are delivering Christmas on Wednesday.

So that’s me done. Today is Put My Feet Up Day while I re-read the Rivers of London series.

I send my very best wishes to every one of you.

72 thoughts on “To all Disaster Magnets everywhere

  1. Have a very Happy Christmas, and the peaceful and prosperous New Year that you deserve. We’ll meet again through laughter in the wee small hours of Christmas morning – no wonder I have fallen asleep after Christmas dinner the last couple of years!

  2. Wishing you a wonderful lazy Christmas, a merry New Year, and continued and even greater success (if that’s possible), in 2018.

    You’ve given so much laughter and joy to so many of us, let’s face it, you should just have WHATEVER you want your Christmas to be.

    With everlasting thanks


  3. Merry Christmas Jodie. Glad to hear that you’re on top of things, am terribly impressed that you’ve done your accounts as well ( I call that ‘above and beyond the call etc….). Have to disagree with the idea that colour isn’t important though. If you don’t want to stroke and stand and gaze admiringly at the beautiful colour of your filing cabinet, how on earth are you going to be stimulated to actually use it? (Am loving the colour choice btw, so much nicer than grey or greige/brown).

    Like so many DM’s Christmas morning will involve an instinctual reaching for my Kindle. Never mind if Santa’s been, have Amazon delivered? I will be grabbing obscene amounts of Montezuma’s chocolate buttons and the obligatory box of satsumas and settling down, with a cup of tea to devour your latest offering.

    I do wish you hadn’t mentioned the Rivers of London series, I want to re-read them now and I’ve got a Lit Review to start over Christmas. Thankfully they’re all packed away in my son’s loft so unless I nip down to the local library I should remain focussed …. who am I attempting to kid?

    I’d like to add my quarto to the loud chorus of those thanking you for all you’ve given us over the past year, looking forward to reading what you come up with next (hint, hint)

    Bright Blessings

    • I’m so enamoured of my beautiful blue filing cabinet that I’ve been out and bought it some hanging files. And that was more difficult than you’d think, but we got there in the end. All my loose papers are now filed safely away, awaiting my attention next year. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. A very happy and merrie (get the olde worlde word there?) Christmas and New Year to you and yours Jodi. Thank you for all the pure pleasure you have given.

  5. Have some well earned time off but not for long, loving all you write keeps me laughing and quiet possibly learn something now and again. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family and friends have a good one. Love Andrew

  6. Have a wonderful christmas and try and relax a little, while we’re all enjoying the short story on xmas day, hope the season brings you everything you wish for x

  7. Have a lovely Christmas Jodi, while those of us out here wait (a little impatiently) for the Christmas Day release or another great read X

  8. Have a most wonderful Christmas and a wonderful (that sounded repetitive) and prosperous (that sounded like Mr Spock in Star Trek) New Year. Thanks to you, I will this year, for the first time in AGES have a lovely Christmas, thanks to your short story. I only discovered your books last year and did not have Kindle on my PC last Christmas. It was someone (have forgotten who) in your wonderful group that taught me how to download Kindle to my PC so this year, I will be able to enjoy the Christmas short story. Thank you for all the joy you and your wonderful FB-group bring into my life. And yes, the colour of a filing cabinet IS important, smiles …..

  9. Thank you for the many many hours of enjoyment that you have given us, and I hope you have a restful and well deserved break. May you have a Blessed Christmas and a very prosperous 2018!

  10. Merry Christmas Jodi! I hope you take time to enjoy some time off. I think that Accent should hire an intern to be at your beck and call, writing down all of your ideas— the good, the bad, and the chocolate!

  11. Have a wonderful very short break Jodi, then back to scribbling sharpish! What colour are dodo eggs…..? Oh no I digress and must not lead you astray…. Tesco deliver my Christmas but they have to be punctual or I won’t be here….did you know it’s Christmas nearly everywhere at the same time? Time travel pffft! Have a peaceful time and recharge those batteries Jodi, you are very important to so many disaster magnets all over the world. Love from one of your first fans!

    • Hi Val, a very Merry Christmas to you too. Actually, I wish more people tried to lead me astray. it doesn’t happen half as often as I would like.

  12. Happy Christmas to you Jodi! My best wishes for a lovely holiday and also for a splendid 2018!
    Having discovered your books just this year I’m looking forward to the new short story due Dec 25th. A lovely Christmas gift indeed! I shall spend my holiday week off re-reading the series from stem to stern, ending with the newest. And how fortunate that my hubby is working (for me I mean-lol) so I’ll have uninterrupted hours to devote to reading snuggled beneath a blanket on my couch with a cup of tea close at hand-Nirvana!

  13. Same to you! I have only just discovered you and your fabuous books and am looking forward to reading them over the holidays!
    Take care and have a wonderful Christmas

    • Oh, Eleni! I hope you have a month off for Christmas or don’t need sleep. Jodi’s written so many wonderful books, those of us who re-read each series whenever she publishes a new book can tell you; reading them all is almost a career move! It’s probably the best you’ll ever make though.

      You’ll certainly have a very happy Christmas fo sure. But don’t try to read and drop off to sleep at the same time. There aren’t enough gaps between belly laughs and guffaws to drop into slumber.

  14. Yes, Happy Christmast to us all. May we all be merry and bright, and have our gifts wrapped in time. Naturally, having become obsessed with knitting the damned fingerless mitts, I haven’t wrapped a single thing yet. It wasn’t until yesterday that I learned that Christmas is coming at me faster than a speeding train.
    So, you who have planned ahead and are blithely skipping about fully prepared, enjoy. I’ll be over there entangling myself in paper and tape. 😉

    • Actually, it’s always reassuring to find that other people are overtaken by events. I thought it was just me. This year, however, I’m right on top of things and I’m feeling revoltingly smug and virtuous.

  15. Yes Jodi – Colour is important – When are you going to get the Blue tips put in your hair? Should be fun. Thank you for the advice – I have managed to get the audio CD’s for my Mum as you suggested. Have a Super Christmas. Sue and Bob

    • Good news about the CDs. I didn’t realised amazon had issued my books on CD/MP3 until quite recently. No one tells authors anything! And I’m definitely giving the blue hair some thought. Merry Christmas!

  16. Thank you, and a very merry Christmas to you as well, Jodi. I’m looking forward to the short story, but hope you will be able to switch off and enjoy Christmas thoroughly. May Santa bring you all the chocolate you desire.

  17. Have a wonderful Christmas Jodi. Love your books; so entertaining and therapeutic at the end of a busy workday! Wine and/or chocolate with one of your books is the perfect end to my day.

    • Thank you. I’m practising with the wine and chocolate for an hour or so every night. It’s slow going though. But I’m sticking with it.

  18. Merry Christmas, Jodi! Yes, take a five over the Holidays and relax. Some Tips: Keep the chocolate close – it’s a great distraction when you feel the urge to do something productive. Keep the wine right beside it. In case you can’t help yourself. Keep a small notebook and writing implement (preferably not too sharp) hidden in your cleavage so no one can chastise you when a flash of brilliance hits you upside the head – and it saves scribbling ideas on the toilet paper with lipstick. And finally, live, love, and enjoy the season and all it brings to the fullest; the quiet moments as well as the noisy, busy ones. All the best of the season and Joyeux Noel from Canada!

  19. A bright and joyous holiday season to you Jodi! Thank you for all the laughter! How about designing a St. Mary’s t- shirt? I’d love to find one of those under my tree next year.

    • Zazzle do St Mary’s clothing. I myself have a hoodie in historian blue, but I think they come in security green, IT black, trainee grey, and so on. They do t-shirts too. I’d post the link but I’m really not good at it and people have actually asked me not to. I think either or will get you there. Good luck.

  20. And a very happy Christmas to you too. The books are great and i’ve re-read them so many times I almost know them off by heart!

  21. I love the idea of oa duck egg blue filing cabinet, I wish mine were, it is “mock wood”.
    Well done for being so organised, I hate to admit it, but so am. All my shopping done, presents wrapped AND delivered, cards posted or hand delivered, just a few e-mail ones of my own design to email.
    Jodi, I wish you the happiest, merriest, brilliantest Christmas anyone can have.
    Thank you for all the immense pleasure you gave me – and in advance, for the ruined Christmas dinner I will most likely have, due reading Christmas Past instead of concentrating on cooking.

    • Yes, It’s lovely. Chock full of paper and scribbled notes now so not quite as pristine as it was but I still love it. Thanks for all your support over the year, Tina, and I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas.

      • Thank you so much, and thank you for the countless hours of happiness, misery, enjoyment, agony and pleasure you have given us all.
        Have the best possible Christmas. e

  22. Seeing that you’re so organised, how about doing some wrapping for me? I envy you the duck-egg blue filing cabinet, mine’s a kind of stewed brussels sprouts green… have a good one xx

  23. And a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR from ‘cross the pond in Texas.

    As for memory…I forever bless the god Postitis for without him my dog might still be waiting at the vet, and one of my children would have nothing under the tree…and that’s just in the past week.

  24. Hi Jodi
    Normally wouldn’t even pick up a book by a woman writer – 100% chauvinist pig / sorry – only picked yours because I wasn’t wearing my glasses and the cover was bright and shiny ( nice artwork).
    What an idiot I’ve been – so glad now; that I forgot my glasses – book (No Time Like The Past) was brilliant, entertaining, exciting, informative and even sad. How do you do it.
    Am really annoyed that I started at book 5 and am going to have to go back in time now! Think its still going to be worth it though.
    Thanks for the great read and thanks also to the artwork that drew me in!
    Enjoy xmas and the new year.
    All the best
    Len Rankin

    • Hi there, chauvinist! Don’t worry about never picking up women’s books – I never pick up men’s socks so that makes us equal. I’m so glad you enjoyed NTLTP. And even more glad you’re contemplating reading the others as well. Hope you enjoy them. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  25. Unlike chauvinist, I generally prefer women authors due to their great sense of humor and panache and you are my top fiction author at the moment. (Harry who?) I’ve already pre-ordered “An Augmentation of Historians.” Now if I could just go forward in time and figure out how many more books are coming and pre-order those as well… I’ve already dedicated an entire spot in my library to you so you have big shelves to fill. Happy New Year and happy writing.

  26. Hope I can get through to wish you a VERY HAPPY AND PROLIFIC NEW YEAR.
    I gather there are problems with WordPress – tell Markham to behave. 🙂

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