Good Morning from Jodi

Good morning everyone, I hope your day is going better than mine. I know the sun has barely crept over the horizon but I have already:

  1. Hit my head on my bedside table.
  2. Knocked over my bedside lamp – not unconnected with a) above
  3. Lost my internet connection, resulting in frantic key stabbing. I’ve got it back but can’t remember the series of keystrokes that led to its restoration.
  4. Spilled my tea – on second thoughts, that particular disaster should probably have come first.
  5. Trodden on my phone which, for some inexplicable reason, I had left on the floor.
  6. Pulled the toilet roll holder over, resulting in unrolling on a massive scale and a great deal of toilet roll chasing. I only needed a Labrador puppy and Andrex could have filmed their next advert in my bathroom.
  7. Run out of toothpaste. I knew there was something I needed from the shop yesterday but my mind went as I walked through the door and I came out with an enormous bar of Galaxy Salted Caramel instead.

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An Exciting Week Ahead! @Octavo_Books #CardiffComicon

Author warning – there’s a lot of exclamation marks in this one. Be warned!

I have an exciting week ahead of me and just for once, it’s good excitement – not the sort you get after you’ve chucked tea all over your laptop. Or plugged in yet another extension lead into the original extension lead and there’s a bit of a bang and a flash and the washing machine stops. Or – on one memorable occasion – when I got the car wedged diagonally across the garage and I couldn’t get out because there wasn’t enough room to open the door and I had to shove it in reverse and just barge my way to freedom inflicting considerable damage on the car, the garage, a pair of stepladders, the ironing board and my reputation.

No – nothing like that this time. It’s all good!

On Friday, I’m at Octavo’s Bookshop in Cardiff where there will be St Mary’s Cupcakes. There will also be new books revealed, signings, cupcakes, a filmed interview with Josie Jaffrey of The Gin Book Club and in case I’ve forgotten to mention them – CUPCAKES! I’ve also been threatened with wine and we all know what that leads to, so that will be the time to pop along and borrow money!

And then, Saturday and Sunday is Cardiff Comicon. Yay! This is a fun event and I do hope some of you can make it. There’s always loads of people dressed as characters from Game of Thrones or Dr Who and I live in hope of catching a glimpse of an historian in the crowd.

The whole St Mary’s series will be available in their new covers and if she’s not too cupcake clogged, the author will be signing them.

Look for the latest adventure – Book 8 And the Rest is History.

And Book 9 – the long-awaited collection of short stories The Long and Short of It – which will include a brand new short that won’t come out until the summer, so just for once, the paperback readers will be ahead of the game.

And there’s more!

The latest Frogmorton Farm adventure The Something Girl will also be available, along with the original prequel – The Nothing Girl – and both of those will be in their shiny new covers too.

As will I – lowering the tone and signing anything put in front of me, so I hope to see you there.

Did I mention the cupcakes?