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Competitions Winners and Other News

The diktat has gone out from Accent Press.

AP: You haven’t blogged recently. You need to engage with your readers.

Me – still scribbling: Are these the same readers who are screaming for the next book twenty-five minutes after the latest one’s appeared on Amazon?

AP: Yep. Bless them.

Me – still scribbling. And with both hands: But I haven’t eaten all day, and it’s getting dark and it’s not my turn for the candle, and if I don’t meet my 25k words per day quota you’ll set the rats on me.

AP: Stop whining and get on with it.

Me: Sorry.

So, having set the scene and engaged your sympathy with this fascinating peep into the working day of an Accent Press author – off we go.

Firstly – the results of the Food for Thought competition. This one was great fun and I loved the stories that accompanied the recipes. In no particular order, here are the results:

Violet Chamberlain. This entry had everything. Chocolate cake, Peterson peeing on Max, Medusa jellyfish and giraffes. What’s not to like? Great story from a genius!

Jenny Gurton. An actual 16th century recipe that sounds and looks delicious. Wasted on Sykes and North!

Lynn Elizabeth Saull. For managing to mention the word chocolate four times in one sentence. St Mary’s salutes you.

Jennifer Macaire. Great recipe and an even better story. So typical!

Sara McKenna. For Mrs Mack’s Anti-Fascist Battle Bread. I’ve tried a version of this and it’s just like me. Hefty and delicious.

Accent Press will be contacting you for details of where to send your prizes. Congratulations to you all. And thanks to everyone who entered. All the entries were super and picking the winners was not easy.

And an honourable mention to Caroline Greenhalgh Baxter for her valiant (but, let’s face it, completely doomed) attempt to introduce fruit into the St Mary’s diet. That wasn’t ever going to work, Caroline. What were you thinking?


Secondly – and this one snook in while I wasn’t looking – this year’s Christmas Story, the imaginatively titled Christmas Past is available for pre-order on both Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com. It will be available on Audible as well, but not quite just yet. It’s the story of the First Farrell Family Christmas. Here’s the blurb:



The First Farrell Family Christmas

Together for Christmas at St Mary’s – a time of conspicuous consumption, riotous misbehaviour and the traditional illegal Christmas jump. And this time it’s inter-generational.

Donning her unfamiliar and barely used mother hat, Max takes Matthew back to 19th century London, where they plan to deliver a parcel of Christmas cheer to his former friends, but find themselves confronting the terrifying Old Ma Scrope in the process.

Tis the season to be jolly.

It’s also the season of goodwill to all mankind.

Pity no one told Max.

Thirdly, a huge thank you to Wendy Martindale. Do you remember she posted on the Fans page, telling us she’d designed a special St Mary’s sweater? Well, I have one!!! It’s historian blue and absolutely wonderful. My brother – the eminent author – has  taken these photos of me wearing it, because, for some reason, he thinks this would be a good idea.  My suggestion is that you ignore the model and just concentrate on the brilliantly designed and knitted sweater. Wendy, as a complete non-knitter – I salute you.

Fourthly – was there a fourthly? Yes, there was. The latest St Mary’s is almost completed. It’s with my editor at the moment for a technical discussion which mostly runs along the lines of:

Editor: You can’t say that!

Me: Aaaaw ….

Editor: Or that … Or that … Or that … And especially not that. And that chapter has to go. And that one. Good Grief, no! Have you even heard of commas? Oh, here they are. You don’t have to put them all on one page, you know.

And so on, but the pitifully few lines that survive the editing process will become An Argumentation of Historians and should be with us in April of next year. Please be sure to admire the perfect placing of commas.

(Please note it is too early for the Kindle pre-order for this – it can only go up 3 months prior to publication)


And a very small fifthly, for those of you who enjoyed White Silence – thank you so much – I’m working on the sequel. I have, as usual, written myself into a corner and spend long seconds staring at the page and wondering how I’m going to get myself out of this one before going off for a cup of tea and Googling how to become a knitwear model.

Have a great weekend.