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  1. According to Accent press website, book 6 epub edition was released on 19 November but I can’t find it for sale anywhere. What’s going on?

  2. Hello : ) I just started to listen to your first book, Just one damned thing after another. A little ways in I started to wonder about the similarity to Connie Willis’ books. Is this something that you have already discussed? If so, I’m curious about your influences. Thank you ever so much, Amelia

    • …. it’s me again. I wanted to say that I am further into the book and I am really enjoying it. The Connie Willis thing jumped out at me in the beginning but I see that you are really doing something different and funny with the idea. thanks again, Amelia

  3. I’ve just spent the last few days rereading all the Chronicles of St. Mary’s books, including the short stories. They’re even better when read all together one after the other. When will #7 come out? I can’t wait!! Thanks for all the research, the great writing and the fun!

  4. I hate fiction, haven’t read (or listened) to a fictional title in maybe 30 years – I’m a Historian. Then I discoverd St. Mary’s – quiet by accident. Looking for my next ‘non-fiction’ title on Audible, the cover of ‘One Damn Thing’ jumped out at me, after reading the synopsis (and having a bunch of unused credits) I thought, why not? WOW! Here I am one week later having bought & completed all ten audio books and audio shorts. I have loved EVERY minute. I have completely fallen in love with Max, What a girl! Jodi is a master of her craft, and equally I must complement Zara Ramm’s excellent caricaturisation of such skilfully crafted, and entertaining words. Need to get some sleep before Book #7 in May. Oh and I’m 5′ 8″ 🙂

    • ALL my books? In just one week? Wow! I’m so glad you enjoyed them. Book 7 is on its way and I’ve made a start on Book 8, so I should get some sleep while you can!!

  5. I’ve listened to each of your audio books about six times. The Nothing Girl might actually be my favorite book ever, but The Chronicles of St Mary’s is right up there as well. And I have a burning question about the former, actually: Where did you get the idea for the creature of Jack the Ripper? Not the historical figure, of course, but the idea for this monstrous version? I’ve never really encountered anything like it. It gave me nightmares.

    • When I started to write the story, Jack was a perfectly normal psychopathic mass murderer. However, as I was scribbling away, I had a sudden picture in my mind of a disembodied head, slowly opening its eyes and smiling at Max. It gave me quite a shock, I can tell you. So I wrote that in, and then thought how would it be if, just when they thought they were safe, it came back. If it started to grow again, and only Kal and Max could sense it. So I wrote that as well. Sorry about the nightmares.

  6. If love to get in a mailing list so I’m notified when you have a new St Mary’s book released. Do you have such a thing?

    • Hi. I don’t actually have a mailing list, but if you check out my facebook page occasionally – http://www.facebook.com/AuthorJodiTaylor – there’s usually something there about my next book. Or Amazon, of course. My next book is Lies, Damned Lies and History and will be published in May, although it’s available for pre-order now. Including the Audible version, too. Jodi.

  7. I discovered St Mary’s a couple of weeks back & read all the books on holiday – finished the last of the short stories while recovering from jet-lag last night! There’s a fabulous tv series here – any chance of that?

  8. Hi. I am just starting the second St Mary’s book having enjoyed the first. You have a character, Annie Besant, who is also a real historical person. Is this deliberate and I will uncover this as I read on?

  9. I enjoyed “Just One Damned Thing…” and would like to recommend it to my family. They don’t read English though; will it be translated into German?

    • Perhaps one day. I don’t believe the German rights to St Mary’s have been sold, although The Nothing Girl and Little Donkey have, so maybe they’ll appear soon.

  10. I’m curious about the backstop especially to St. Mary’s, being a, well, historian. Is the story of the Fascist battles ever going to be told? And how about the story of what happened to cause the US to close its borders?

  11. My husband and I have just finished Lies, Damned Lies and History. Absolutely loved it. Very glad to find out that more books are coming. Actually have a question/comment about Matthew, the Time Cop. Any chance we will get some info on him? I have a hunch I know some of his background. I won’t go into it here but I believe we have met his parents.
    Excellent books and series. Love the short ones as well. Looking forward to more!

    • I know what you’re thinking – but no. Although you will be seeing more of Captain Ellis in the future. Or you will if I can get my head round the plot. Thank you for enjoying my books. Regards, Jodi.

  12. I am an avid reader and have had many “favorite” authors over my years but, until now, have never written to any of them to say anything. Today I finished Lies, damned lies and history-having previously devoured every other title of yours and then waited (not patiently) for my audible credit so I could download Lies. I cannot praise you enough for your wit and humor or your ability to keep me hanging onto every word (to my family’s chagrin as I burn dinner). I know you must have multitudes of fans sending you similar messages but I wanted to add my voice to the clamor and say “thank you!” A million times thank you–for taking me on such a delightful journey. Rarely do I feel so transported by characters in a story and I cannot wait to see what happens next—to everybody! And—as for your ants—have you tried cinnamon oil or ground cinnamon around the windows and doorway?

    • Thank you, you’re very kind. I’m very glad you enjoy my books. It’s a great feeling to know that people enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. Hope you can hang on long enough for the summer story. Best regards, Jodi. PS Regarding the ants – I’m giving them a blast with talcum powder at the moment. It’s not having any noticeable effect on them but we all smell much better.

  13. Thank you so much for these books, they are what I didn’t know I was waiting for!
    I bought the first two as ebooks and a week later had read them and bought the others. I had a break of nine days while I waited for Lies.. to be published and am now reading the short stories slowly to make them last.
    I usually read Pratchett and Crichton (Timeline’s my favourite of his) but I think your books bring together what I like best; humour, characters you feel you know and scenes you can really visualise.
    I’m really glad that you’re penning two more books; the end of Lies.. tied everything up so nicely that I wondered if it might be the end just as I’d got hooked.
    Is there any plan to turn any of the St Marys Chronicles into a film?
    Thanks again

  14. So far I have listened to the first three on Audible, as well as the short stories. It has been an absolute joy!

    I can’t explain precisely why – lit crit is not my core skill (that is designing electronic equipment) – but the balance of adventure and humour exactly hits the spot for me. Not to mention tea – though I prefer mine definietly not stewed, even if slightly weak, and served with semi skimmed milk and no sugar.

    Now I have bought the next 3, because I know I will want to listen to them all. I have also started recommending these stories to my friends.

    • Yes, at the moment. There are plans to bring them out in print sometime in the future, but I don’t have a date. Look out for the two coming this year. The Great St Mary’s Day Out in August, I think – and My Name Is Markham on 25th December. Best wishes, Jodi.

  15. I read the last book, Lies Damed Lies and History, and loved it!! Now, I went back and started at the beginning and I am reading the entire series. I am on the third book. So far they have all been great. I am having a hard time understanding how Leon and Dr. Barstow are allowed to stay as they are from the future. Maybe I missed something. Also, history allows Clive Ronan to make changes. I love the end of Lies Damed Lies and History. I was stuck finishing the book feverishly to see how Max was going to get out of trouble. Any movie plans?

  16. I wanted to thank you , Jodi Taylor, and your publicist, Branna Scharfenberg, for the book sent to me as a contest winner. I have read about half of “Just One Damned Thing After Another” and am pleased to report that I love it so far and the signs point to a fantastic finish, as well. Thank you so much for sending me this book which has been on my to-read list. Upon completion of the book, I will leave an honest evaluation/review on Goodreads and Amazon, but am ready to say it is well-written and nicely done. So far, no undue violence and no explicit sex. Good for you! Talent should not require such things. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Thanks again!

  17. You could write a recipe for a terrible cake and I’d love it. I’m an enormous fan of your work. I have been rationing the St Marys series. So on holiday I just read all about the darling Jenny Dove and Thomas (please write more of these beg beg). I was saving book 7 for post holiday blues, which start tonight. Argh the Sunday night before work after a week off. Thankyou for excellent stories, characters and plots. I absolutely love Max and Jenny. I see they are both in Rushford, please can we see a cross over (fan girl squeal). Even just a donkey with great eyelashes wandering past a pod? Markham accidently mowing down Christopher? (shame) Mrs Crisp swapping recipes with a lady she met from Cathays?

    My only complaint is that I used to read before bed to help me fall asleep. I’m now regularly still awake at 3am.

    Yours with enormous eye bags


    Ps. I’m a bit of a hawk eye and report typos / formatting issues back via my kindle. I do this firmly out of respect for your work, and not to be a bumface.

    • I am working on a sequel to The Nothing Girl. It’s not going as quickly as I would like – I do have to keep stopping to write more St Mary’s! – but it is coming along. Please be patient. I will get there. Jodi.

  18. Hi Jodi, I’ve just started your series and I’m loving it! I’m torn between wanting to find out what happens next (always, one more chapter then I’ll stop) and wanting to make it last a little longer. Thank you for such wonderful adventures.

    One small point if I might add, I think archivists were mentioned in the first book as the professionals to advise on conservation of the content of the Library (trying to avoid spoilers). In reality, it’s the conservators that would advise on such matter. I only mention this as most people know about the wonderful work done by librarians, archivists and curators but not many people know about the work of conservators. We are trained to look for ways to preserve, to care for and yes to fix old things for the benefit of current and future generations. One of our aims is to give specialists, such as historians, and the general public access of collections for research, study and enjoyment while keeping the collection safe. We love our work even though for most of us, the financial reward is very very low.

    Perhaps one day conservators might be included in the St Mary’s universe?

    Thank you again for your amazing books!


    • Thank you for taking the trouble to write. I shall most certainly mention the wonderful work done by conservators in the future. I’ll have to have a think about how best to utilise them. I’ve been thinking – in my usual vague fashion – about Alexander burning Persepolis. I believe the books there were written in golden ink. I may well be picking your brains in the years to come. And thank you for enjoying the books. Best wishes, Jodi.

  19. Hi Jodi, I downloaded the audible version of Just One damn Thing….on 11th May, this will now be regarded as a sacred day at Chez Tonks. I do a 10km power walk every day after work with the dog (large border collie X) and I listen to books on my ipod. I also listen to them in the 15 minute drive to and from work. I LOVED IT!!!! Loved it so much I downloaded the rest of the St Marys books both on Kindle and Audible and have listened to them all one after the other, even dragging the dog out for extra walks in the weekend. I am half way through listening to the last book. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. My hat off to you Jodi for writing one of the most amazing series I have ever listened to. Max is up there high on my listening “go to” list with Soolie Stackhouse and Cat and Bones. PLEASE PLEASE keep writing more in this fascinating and entertaining series. All the best from New Zealand. Fenella Tonkin

    • Thanks very much. That’s very kind of you. I think every 11th May should be St Mary’s Day in your house. Wine should flow. Chocolate should be consumed. Good times had by all. You could be a national institution.

  20. Came across your books thanks to the local library – which had four and five and nothing else. Read those, which work without having read the first three. Then bought and read the first three, and now have bought four, five, six and seven – will re-read four and five and onto six and seven. A few comments/questions –
    1. I’ve done a lot of English Civil War re-enactment – both in male attire on the battle field and in bum roll and corset – did like you bringing in mentions of bum roll. Have you actually put on period costumes yourself?
    2. Have you ever been to the re-enactments at Kentwell Hall? http://www.kentwell.co.uk/events/tudor They would be great for period feel, smell and detail and knowing a few of the people who go, I suspect that they’d be open to questions – though they are playing it period straight so will give you period answers when in public.
    3. I like the level of detail that you use on the historical living – it does have the period feel and the details you use, you get right. (Was recently annoyed by an otherwise well done historical romance which mentioned “greasing all the moving parts on a cannon”.)
    4. I’m not a great fan of the “foreshadowing” technique in writing – and found the “If only I’d known” bits all the way through Troy a bit of a downer on the good experiences, but then near the end, when Cassandra steps forwards for a brief moment, it occurred to me that the foreshadowing did rather tie in to having the prophetess of doom around – stylish.
    5. Corsets – you probably already know that there was a massive range of styles in terms of corsets, and the impact on mobility and flexibility varied massively. Just highlighting. 🙂 Did see a book get Elizabethan corsets wrong – a scene with young lads on the stage in full Elizabethan dress, rehearsing the ladies parts in a play. Then they are told off for bending over at the waist and not at the knees. In those long fronted corsets if they’d tried to bend at the waist the results would have been painful.

    I do also rather like that you use your Isabella Barclay pen name as the name of a disliked character in St Marys

    • Hi, thanks for you comment. No, I’ve never worn costume. However, my former editor was an enthusiastic member of a re-enactment society and kept me straight where costume was concerned. I’ve never worn a corset either, although given the amounts of chocolate I’m stuffing down at the moment, it’s only a matter of time. In fact, if I don’t cut back soon, I may have to wear two corsets.

      • 🙂 Well, English Civil War period corsets don’t compress the waist at all – most of it stops at the bottom of the rib cage (may have a longer front). So more chocolate would just mean a deeper cleavage and less need for a bum roll…….

  21. Hi, just finished JODTAA where a inconspicuous pine cone was brought back, thus contaminating the mission. The pod didn’t alert on the fact that there was a contaminant and allowed the pod to travel back to St. Mary’s due to it’s immenant demise. Just started reading ASOE where the pod is contaminated again by Jack The Ripper. Max seems surprised that the pod still traveled with a contaminant…after having this already happen once before. Is this story misstep on purpose?

    • Hi – another reader here. My comments on your post Tanya. First off, way I see it, the pine cone was about to die in its own time, Jack the Ripper not – so the second is a surprise that it happened because the circumstances are not quite identical. Equally you can argue, that as Jack the Ripper disappears from his own time, the killings stop, him being in the pod is what happened historically (:D) he was meant to be in the pod and get killed. But it can still be a surprise to Max – because having a pod be an essential part of a historical event could also be a first. Not that she specifically thinks that, she is just surprised the contaminant alert didn’t work – but if he is supposed to be there, then he isn’t a contaminant.

  22. I just finished the last mini book and cannot wait for the 8th in the series! I am a hospice nurse in Texas and spend many miles driving to and from patients. Your books and Zara’s excellent narration keep me highly entertained. Would love to get your autograph someday if our paths should cross! Thanks so much.

  23. I really love all the St. Mary’s stories, both full length and shorts. However, I can’t seem to find a reading order list that includes both. It would be really great to see that on your website. Have to tell you that when I read your books I keep my computer nearby so that I can look up the historical events that you often reference…. so, not only am I seriously entertained, there’s actually some education going on. Thanks for some great reading….

  24. Karen,
    Publication Order of Chronicles Of St. Mary’s Books
    Just One Damned Thing After Another (2013) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
    A Symphony of Echoes (2013) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
    When a Child is Born (2013) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
    A Second Chance (2014) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
    Roman Holiday (2014) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
    A Trail Through Time (2014) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
    Christmas Present (2014) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
    No Time Like The Past (2015) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
    What Could Possibly Go Wrong (2015) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
    Ships and Stings and Wedding Rings (2015) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
    The Very First Damned Thing (2015) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
    Lies, Damned Lies, and History (2016) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
    Chronological Order of Chronicles Of St. Mary’s Books
    The Very First Damned Thing is a prequel story that comes first when reading the series in chronological order.

  25. New fan here. I’m in the (soon to be walled in) USA so have not been able to find all the books yet. Somehow I found the 1st two and book 7.

    I’ve read the comments and I’m left with “I’ve missed something ” What is going on with the sweety David Sands? He is dead in the 2nd book but not only alive in the later books but is chasing Lee.

    I guess I’m going to buy the eBooks because by the time the USA editors allow the rest of the series across the border I may be dead or worse… dead before I can read them all.

    One comment was on the new NBC show Timeless. In short the bad guy steals a time machine to change history and the good guys use their machines to try to stop him. I’m beginning to think the USA was walled in by the rest of the world to protect them from Hollywood. ; )

  26. If you have the option try Audible! They are all available and Zara Ramm (narrator) just makes them better! She’s perfect for it.

  27. Hafoc Yates, I have been able to purchase every printed book, every e-book, and every audible book without a problem while being in the US. They are available through Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Audible, as well as several other book outlets. I hope you have better luck looking for them and your day improve.

  28. Go to audible.com and download the audible books. The narrator is fantastic. Wonderful way to Read while walking for an hour and half with the dog.

  29. I have recently cried all the way around the M25 – and its your fault!!! I arrived at my meeting red eyed and snivelling – second chance (audiobook) just really got me ….. I am a total st Mary’s addict – listen to each one twice so far – now on the second lot of snivelling over second chance – thank you – your writing is ace xx

  30. I’m a fan of the Chronicles of St Mary’s series and recently finished reading The Nothing Girl.
    I listened to a podcast today, Reply All, and in this episode it followed the story of a woman who heard a kindly voice just as she was contemplating suicide… The parallels with Jenny Dove’s encounter and friendship with Thomas were striking.
    It’s a fascinating listen, and the “Tulpas” that are mentioned are just as benign and adored, as Thomas is by Jenny.

    Is it this culture/condition that helped to inspire the character in your writing, Jodi? I had assumed Jenny suffered from some type of multiple personality disorder, or hinted at schizophrenia, but the tulpas discussed in the program also sometimes appear as sentient animals. It brought the character of Jenny alive for me.

  31. Hello Jodi. I do features and interviews for File 770. I just submitted a feature on your Chronicles of St. Mary’s series. How about a followup interview. Carl, moreheadalumni yahoo com

  32. Hi Jodie. Have just listened to The Nothing Girl. I was a tad reluctant to download it at first as I thought any other book could not live up to St Marys……I was soooo wrong. I loved it!!!! Thank you for another great book.


    • Had the same thought.

      But the US corporations don’t really worry about UK copyright because of the costs involved in fighting it.

  33. I love Jodi’s writing style and how engaging her characters are. I was introduced to her writing through audible and also love Zara Rams reading Are we every likely to see the unforgettable Max, Leon, and Charming Peterson on screen?

  34. Hi, I’d like to say first that I don’t usually read novels and what attracted me was the title
    For a long time! its been my favourite definition of ‘time’.
    But its a great read and the ‘Slivovitz moments’ reminded me of a very long time ago in Yugoslavia. when I brought back a bottle to England, poured some in the sink and it dissolved the metal piece!

  35. Hi again, Forgot to say which book I was referring to:

    I’d like to say first that I don’t usually read novels and what attracted me was the title
    ‘Just one damn thing after another’.For a long time! its been my favourite definition of ‘time’.
    But its a great read and the ‘Slivovitz moments’ reminded me of a very long time ago in Yugoslavia, when I brought back a bottle to England, poured some in the sink and it dissolved the metal piece!

  36. Hi there! I have a question about the Troy timeline. If Helios is 4/5 years old during reconnaissance, wouldn’t he be 14/15 years old during Troy’s fall?

    LOVE these books! Just a little confused.

  37. Having seen your books as a suggested post on Facebook I thought I’d have a look at the first one out of curiosity. Now having picked up all the current kindle, paperback and audible versions available and pre ordered the rest I’d just like to say thank you for such a great series. I was hoping to make them last but couldn’t put them down so I’m settling for just rereading them all again 🙂

  38. I emailed the publishers before noticing this thread – so apologies if it is already being answered elsewhere.
    I have really enjoyed the first 3 and will race through the rest of the St Mary’s books, but I do think it’s a shame that the sex in a couple of places is both vividly expressed and also seems to favour rough treatment that doesn’t take no as an answer in one particular scenario. For me (please let me emphasise that I really enjoy the books) the sex is unnecessary (and surprisingly close in nature to the scenes where the attention is clearly unacceptable) and perhaps limits the potential audience. I would have loved to have shared this book with my kids.
    Well done for an imaginative and fertile approach.

    • Thank you for your compliments. The sex does calm down a little as the characters get older – and the author! You might like to share some of the short stories with your children. Because most of them are Christmas stories they tend to be sex free, more upbeat, and no one dies horribly. Well, it’s Christmas, isn’t it!

  39. Hello! I just discovered your wonderful books and have read your entire St. Mary’s series in under 6 weeks. I’m addicted. Thank you so much for bringing these stories to light. The relationships are so great. The friendships, sex, betrayals, jokes, love, adventure, strength… It’s so well done. I really want to work at St. Mary’s.
    Proud Disaster Magnet,

    • Sorry, I’m not with you. They’re all on amazon’s kindle and all are available in paperback as well. Can you let me know which ones you’re having problems with? Thanks.

  40. Hi, hoping A Perfect Storm will be on audible by itself. I already have the other stories in The Long and Short of It, and need an audiobook version because of a disability. Thanks.
    PS Love the series to bits.

  41. how long does it typically take to get the signed books? I ordered my copy 9/7/17. I know it’ll take longer since I’m in America but I haven’t gotten more than a confirmation email. Just impatient and excited!

  42. Okay, I will admit it- I have no idea why people will call Lingos – Connie. Please enlighten! Love ❤️ this series and so happy there is a new book in the offing.

  43. Is there anywhere I can find an FAQ section on the site? I’m still a bit confused as to what the geopolitical situation in The Chronicles of St. Mary’s is. There are mentions about it being difficult to get to and from America…

  44. Loving the St Mary’s Chronicles but confused about the order to read them in alongside the short stories! Any chance you could pop the order on your website? There are a few conflicting lists out there so it would be brilliant to have an official one to reference!

    • Yes, sorry about this. I’ve posted a list several times, but it gets shunted down my facebook page by sheer volume of traffic. I shall have a word with Hazel at Accent Press and see if we can’t pin some sort of definitive list somewhere. There are also sites on the internet listing author publications and the reading order. With the Chronicles, it’s best to read them in publication order and that info is available on Amazon. I’ll see what I can do. Best wishes, Jodi.

  45. Oh, my goodness. Two of my favorite things, history and extremely entertaining reading. I had been hooked on Jonathan Stroud, but he isn’t turning them out fast enough to satisfy me. They may have to come up with a new genre for Taylor books – cozy science fiction.

  46. Jodi – I just discovered your books a few weeks ago and I am Addicted!! I am so glad you chose to write these books and bring laughter and history into my life. I can’t atop recommending this series to everyone I know.
    I do have a random question- I’m currently reading “And the RestIs History”. Toward the end Dr. Bairstow says
    , “Thursday next I think…”. Is this a nod to Jasper Fforde or am I reading too much into that one sentence?

    • Hi, it’s me – ignore the IP address. There’s a problem with the page that apparently can’t be fixed. Yes, it was a quick joke and I’m so glad people got it. I was at the Llandeilo Litfest with Jasper Fforde and he’s absolutely lovely.

      • I love how you slip little things in here and there. (Cooper/Hofstadter) My daughter just had baby number two in a year and a half and is exhausted. I introduced her to your books and that is how she spends her down time in the evening. We both love them! Dreaming of a TV series 😁

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