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I’ve had a fabulous weekend at the end of April. On Saturday April 29th I was at the Llandeilo LitFest, sharing a Time Travel panel with Jasper Fforde, author of the wonderful Thursday Next series. An alarming number of people attended – I’m a bit like Sheldon Cooper in that I worry about crowds large enough to trample me! Not that this group was anything other than beautifully behaved and trampling definitely did not occur. Everyone asked intelligent and perceptive questions – i.e. ones to which I knew the answers.

There was tea at the panel. - Photo by the lovely Jean Gill.

There was tea at the panel. Photo by the lovely Jean Gill.

We all had a bit of fun with the Have you ever written anything you regretted? question and I had to apologise all over again for the ‘sudden and acrimonious break-up of the EU,’ America closing its borders and building a wall, and for the derogatory remarks about Donald Trump’s hair. Once again, I had to deny clandestine possession of a pod although, once again, I don’t think anyone believed me. I rather think I might slip a new chapter into Book 9, detailing the unexpected break-out of world peace and general benevolence to all, just to see what happens. Fingers crossed.



And Sunday was the Booky Brunch at Octavo’s Bookshop in Cardiff, where we got down and dirty with all things St Mary’s. We talked about Ronan, the Time Police, favourite characters, favourite moments, what was the thinking behind this that and the other, how I did my research – yes, I know it looks as if I just throw the books together, but really I don’t – and so on.

We discussed plot developments, the new supernatural series, possible titles for new books and people’s strange aversion to reading anything by the well-known Regency Romance author, Isabella Barclay. The questions were many and varied, and then we tucked into the world’s best ever Eggs Benedict. Followed by mountains of toast and I managed to get marmalade on both elbows. No idea how that happened.

No rest for the wicked, because last Saturday was the Masterclass – History and Humour – which was fabulous, not least because Accent Press (All hail Accent Press) don’t let me out that often. I’m normally down in the dungeon – third manacle from the right if anyone wants to visit – typing away for dear life in the hope of extra gruel and a light touch with the electrodes.

Where was I? Yes. Sorry. Wandering the paths of whimsy again. Of course there aren’t any actual electrodes. What was I thinking? I need my hands to type – and to write more books! No, this week’s good news is my books are now available in Waterstones! The first two books of the series, Just One Damned Thing After Another and A Symphony of Echoes are up on the shelves for all to see. Just like real books. I’m so excited I’m going to have to put the kettle on.

My publisher spotted these beauties in Waterstones Cardiff this past weekend!

My publisher spotted these beauties in Waterstones Cardiff this past weekend!

And to finish … just a quick plug for an event very dear to my heart. It’s that time of year again. The annual cheese rolling (as described in A Second Chance) will take place at Cooper’s Hill, Gloucester, on 29th May this year.  I’ve been there – In younger and fitter days I did manage to get myself half way up the hill, but collapsing through lack of oxygen. The slope was so steep that even sitting down I was in danger of rolling back down again and could only stay in place by clinging, face down, to a tuft of grass. And fear not – despite what happened to Max, very few people get smacked by the cheese these days. There’s a link below to anyone who can’t make it. Someone will post a video of this year’s carnage in due course. Enjoy.

10 thoughts on “Events and bookshops!

  1. Really sounds like a lot of good times! I’m too far away to go, so thank you for describing these events. I do love all of your writing. As an American, I’ll just add that you should feel free to make any comments you like about Donald Trump’s “hair”!! At least while it’s still not illegal.

  2. Sounds like so much fun! Ever think of hopping into that pod (you don’t have) and doing a road trip to – say – Texas? 🙂

  3. Living near Cooper’s Hill, I contributed to and read a ‘spooky’ story about the cheese rolling at a Stroud Short Stories evening. Now I can’t drive past it without a shudder – at my pown story!

  4. Oh Jodi, please do write a section in book 9 detailing the unexpected break-out of world peace and general benevolence to all – it would be wonderful if it turned out that you really are in charge of the world 🙂
    I don’t think I am going to go anywhere near the cheese rolling – I would almost certainly be knocked over and roll down the hill.
    Thank you for your wonderful books and fascinating blog.

  5. P.S. Please do arrange for another book by Isabella Barclay (aka Bitchface Barclay to all of the St. Mary’s readers). I loved her first book, once I had managed to force myself to forget who wrote it.

  6. Jodi, best congrats on scaling the heady heights of the Waterstones’ bookshelves! Already looking right at home there, as you and all the St Mary’s crew deserve.

  7. I have just finished reading The Batchelor Establishment by the inimitable Isabella Barclay – and yes I share everyone’s aversion from her in terms of St Mary’s and the lovely Max but as a writer, I LOVED IT! Right up there with the wonderful Georgette Heyer who accompanied me throughout my teenage and twenties. More please!!

  8. Well, now that I can see that lovely shelf of books, I have a question: if one wishes to start someone (Terry Pratchett, Jasper Fforde lover) on the series, which book would you give them first?

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